Friday, January 7, 2011

Go Ahead & Look!

You have waited so patiently (probably more patiently than I have) for me to reveal something, ANYTHING about the new collection. ehh hum! *clears throat*

To my loyal reader(s):
It gives me great pleasure to share the following pictures with you directly from our upcoming collection which WILL be revealed (if you can stand it) NEXT WEEK!!! (...or so I hope.)


Our lovely models (top to bottom) are the striking Mrs. Kim Jaxn, the stunning miss Lauren Merrill (soon to be Mrs. Osmond) and of course I could never go with out the breath taking Miss Sierra Skousen. *cue choir singing "ahhhhhhhhh"* And the photography is by Sierra Studios Photography!
Aside from the sheer excitement of starting a new collection I am also excited to announce some new additives to our new collection that I KNOW you will all be at high risk of going pee pee in your panties over (don't be ashamed if you do).


1. NEW 3mm glossy enamel black metal headbands
2. Shiny NEW 3mm silver plated headbands
3. Each applique now comes STANDARD with a single prong rounded alligator pinch clip.

What does this mean?!!!?? Well for one who doesn't love a lot of GLOSSY? I just like to say that a lot. Glossy Glossy Glossy. Deal with it. Another thing, options! Do I go with the black or the silver??? Can't decide.... but I love the OPTIONS! Ok, finally let's have a moment of silence for the pinch clip......... *small tear* Now lets give a unanimous happy dance (shakin' it, movin it! happy happy HAPPY!) Now let's envision ourselves clipping those desirable appliques all up in a fancy updo, now on the collar of our cardigan, now on our purse, now on our diaper bag, now on our husband's suit jacket or or OR oR!!!! *reboot brain, mine just crashed*
Do I need to expand on all this or are we all to the breaking point? Have you finished rebooting yet because there is a little something else I have to add. On the verge of creating and designing this new collection I was overcome by the spirit of newness and all things that are new and changed and all that, so I thought..... (slow thinker.... sorry gonna have to wait a second longer....) I thought! "Why not vamp up the entire Whippy Cake brand?" You know, simplify, grow up a little. So that's what I did! So not only will we be revealing a new collection but also a new brand entirely and what better accessory to go with my new logo than an updated website to go with? Squeeeak! So bring your paper bag in case of hyperventilation because it's all gonna be ridonkulous and stuff. There is even more but I can't share everything at once or there won't be more exciting stuff to share later like the fact that we will be giving away a Flip UltraHD Camera as well. Ooops! It slipped ;)

Not another word about it till I have confirmation of the exact date and time. Zip!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You too are Blessed....

We wanted to say Thank You to a new friend...

Her name is Suzi. A year or so ago, She, her Husband, and some friends were having a discussion about the frustrating state of the economy, and how dismal things were financially..

At the same time they couldn't help but notice, that even though the Job and Housing markets were down, they were still immensely blessed. That day U2rblessed was born. Since that time, they have created wearable art reflecting that positive attitude, helping others remember what is truly important.

Suzi met Becki at the Believe Boutique in November, and then the next time we heard from her was when we did our story on baby Emmett , she wrote us a sweet email offering to make personalized jewelry and T-shirts for his whole Family. Then when we posted about doing our "Glam for a Day" project, she again wrote us offering to donate to Rachel's Family. Not too long after that, I was on the phone with her and I mentioned how hard it had been to just pick one deserving Lady, that we had several amazing Women nominated... She immediately offered to make necklaces for everyone.:) WOW!

As you saw in our "Glam for a Day" post, she wasn't the only generous soul who came forward bearing gifts, we were blessed with lot's of LOVE and service from many of you...

We just really believe in what U2rblessed represents, and wanted to shine a light on that good:)...

We hope that we will all choose to focus the blessings in our lives.....


Whippy Cake

Paxon Ray Olimb 12/25/10 - 1/4/11

Paxon Ray has was called home early.

He was here for only a small time, but touched many lives...

We are heartbroken for his sweet Family and their great loss.
We ask that you please join us in Praying for their peace, and comfort.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Glam for a Day - Rachel Olimb

Jeremy, Rachel, and Asher...

Finally the time has come to reveal our pick for a very special Glam for a Day winner. We were overwhelmed by all the letters we received and stricken with the daunting task of picking only one, however when we received the letter about Rachel we immediately knew what to do.  We have been so excited to tell you all about her! Rachel and her Family's story is one of great faith and courage. Here is a quote from the letter her friend Emily wrote to us;

"Rachel was the first person I talked to who TRULY understood me after our tiny, 10 day old, newborn daughter was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), a life-threatening and right now life-shortening disease that causes the mucous in your body to be thick and sticky, causing problems MANY problems but mostly problems with the lungs and digestive system. You see, Rachel had already been living with CF in her house for 18 months, as her little boy Asher had CF too. Rachel has a complete and total heart for God and loves Our Father endlessly. At my time of total devastation and heartbreak, Rachel was there to help me see the Lord in our situation."

She then went on to explain how Rachel and her Husband Jeremy were now expecting their 2nd baby boy Paxon. They were saddened to hear that Paxon also has CF, along with a deletion of the 4th Chromosome and a severe cleft pallet. Quite a blow that they are handling with great faith and grace. They turned to our Heavenly Father, and have been feeling his comfort and blessings ever since. Paxon made an early appearance on Christmas day! He is truly a gift, and is already showing signs of being a true fighter, however he is struggling greatly right now! He and his family are in for a long haul, and they NEED and love to have all of our prayers and support. 

I strongly urge you to read more about their story on their blog and the heartbreaking battle the  family is facing each day.  You can also keep up with the family through Facebook. It's very tender and very real and I hurt for Rachel and her children but am also so incredibly thankful for her example and for the reminder to appreciate and share gratitude for the blessings that I have been given. 

Now that you are all weeping along with us I'm sure you can see why we had to choose this beautiful person to pamper for a day. Let us share how it went....

 The week before little Paxon came, we snatched Rachel away for a day of pampering and Glam! We had so many wonderful people volunteer their services to Rachel, we were all overwhelmed by the LOVE.

 We started our day in the fabulous Adorn Style Lounge, Melinda the owner offered one of her best Stylists, and a gift certificate for clothes/jewelry in her very cool and shockingly affordable Boutique. After hair and shopping, we needed some food, and Sweet Cakes Cafe offered Rachel a delicious lunch on the house with their undeniably scrumptious cookies too of course. yummy!!!


Next we headed to the Whippy Cake Lair for gorgeous Glitter Toes by Emily Yeager, and makeup and hairstyling by Miss Becki. 

We had our own little mini Christmas where we were able to shower Rachel with gifts from YOU! We were blown away and Rachel was moved to tears by the gifts that seem to keep on flowing.


We really want to thank all of those who contributed to this special little Christmas party including:

Luxe Boulevard

Cupcakes in a Jar

Adorn Style Lounge

Sweet Cakes Cafe 

Emily Yeager

Kathy Scoffeild Photography

Chateau Couture Decor  

We knew we were asking quite a bit of everyone just a week before Christmas and we were so touched by how willing they were  to go out of their way to give even during the busy season. Thank you, we know how much time it cost you and it didn't go unnoticed. 

Kathy Scoffeild of Kathy Scoffeild Photography, captured the day for us and also donated a Family~Maternity shoot to the family. She was so professional but also a pleasure to share the day with. We hope to work with her again soon.



Thank you again to everybody who helped us pull this off! I can't stress how much we truly appreciate all those who contributed and especially how thankful we are to your continued prayers.  You made it a a delicious day and the best part was that we made a new friend for life!


Whippy Cake

Monday, January 3, 2011

if you can bare it...

Before I delve into all the Whippy Cake announcements and changes coming up we really wanted to share a story with you. Wendy and I have had the pleasure to meet an inspiring family and are slowly getting to know them. Today I want to share a video about a boy named Asher, who is the big brother in the family. This video was made by his daddy Jeremy so I hope when you are watching it you will view it from a parents perspective...

Untitled from zeropointD on Vimeo.

Asher's little brother Paxon was born on Christmas day, a miracle of it's own. We will be sharing more about Paxon later as well as how we got to know the family but today we really felt like was important to focus on this video and the message.

For more information on how you can help go to

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On Holiday

Sorry for my reckless abandonment of this blog. I've been unquestionably distracted on vacation with my family. I must say being snowed in every day has been mesmerizing and relaxing and really I've just enjoyed playing around and goofing off with my family. It will be tough to go home.

Ice skating  for the first time in years!

My sisters and I have silly down to a science.


Nothing is cuter than marshmallow snow clothes except of course Lo Lo's new scrunched up face smile.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Can you handle TWO of them???

This Becky.... invited our Becki......
Our Wonderful friend Becky, of Becky Higgins LLC asked OUR Miss Becki to share some hair tips, for a hair Tutorial on her amazing BLOG..... Becky is an incredible person, we love and appreciate all of the support we get from her!! We had so much fun making the Tutorial, we laughed a lot, hopefully we will see some of the silly out takes one day;)....

For now you should really go over and check out all of the fun videos that Becky H. has made for her 12 days of Christmas, very cool....

Thanks again Becky,

we had a ton of fun!
Whippy Cake....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Opposition wears red boots

... and a bow. Opposition likes to undo anything I do. Opposition likes to take out anything that has been put away. Opposition likes to scribble on my invoices. Opposition likes to dump out bags of buttons. Opposition likes to scout out candy in my desk. Opposition likes to squish her finger through my chap stick. Opposition likes to type on my computer. Opposition likes to sit in my lap while I sew. Opposition leaves her care bears on my floor. Opposition likes to play on my ipad when I'm not looking. But doesn't Opposition look adorable in a dress?


London (currently known as Opposition) is opposed to all things Whippy Cake or at least she is determined to sabotage all things Whippy Cake. She sure is adorable while she is doing it though. It's hard to get frustrated even if she is a force to be reckoned with.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Patched up Heart.

I was honored the girls from St. Josephs Hospital asked me to make the charms and necklaces for the Complex Congenital Heart Infant Evaluation and Follow-up (CHIEF) graduation again this year. The adorable little babies go through so much with their heart surgeries and recovery and it's such an exciting thing for them to be able to graduate. I designed the handmade "bandaged heart" charms to remind them of their triumph over their struggles and it's something that the moms and patience can share in common. It's always such a blessing to be a part of something like this (even though my part is microscopic) it gives me the opportunity to realize how blessed I am in life and of course how precious life itself is.


Monday, December 13, 2010

My BIG Surprise

 A few moths ago I called a family friend of ours and he and I started working together on a project I am incredibly excited about. Jake Clark is in the business of filming and I am tickled pink (do people even say that anymore?) that he is partnering up with Whippy Cake. Jake will officially be taking over filming our video tutorials (there, there icam, don't take it personal). As much as I love recording my hair tutorials by myself on my computer with only one angle in my studio with bad lighting I just felt that my video tutorials were lacking. Over the last few months I have been pouring all my ideas and thoughts into a folder, just saving them for the right time when Jake and I could get the ball rolling. (Sorry for holding out on you, hopefully you will forgive me when you see the new set of videos.) The time has finally come and we decided to kick off the new upcoming videos with a video promo of my 2011 collection. Holla! I begged Sierra to come back on set to model for us once again. I got to see a few peaks of the video and I am seriously going to blow a gasgut from excitement.


I just thought I would leak some pictures and some info so that I am not the only one out of my mind with anticipation. I will be posting more information and details once we get closer to posting our new set of video tutorials. It's going to be COLOSSAL!!!