Friday, January 22, 2010

Lovely New Chokers

*Not Available*

Rosette Choker - Blanch


Rosette Choker - Sea Foam


Rosette Choker - Weddingville


Rosette Choker - Regal


Rosette Choker - Stag


New Glamour Bands

Love Set - tempest


Love Set - Vintage White


Past.Present.Future - Regal


Find these lovely new glamour bands in my Etsy Shop.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lunch Hour Boutique

Infusionsoft is hosting a Lunch Hour Boutique this Wednesday {Jan, 20th) from 11am until 2pm.

Some of the vendors include:

Whippy Cake - I will have lots of new Glamour Bands and Glamour bands for babies as well as new chokers and other fantastic items!

Michelle White - Sell MAC make-up and designer Jeans including True Religion, Sevens, Citizens and more at a fantastic price!

Strawberry Monday - Childrens clothing ans accessories you will just LOVE.

Heart & Soul Designs - Selling custom boutique jewelry and Gold Canyon Candles

The boutique will be held on Infusion's indoor football field. The address is:

2065 W. Obispo , Suite 103

Gilbert, Az 85233

{Located in Benson Systems Corporate Plaza}

I hope to see some of your familiar faces there because it's going to be great, plus you will get to see inside one of the greatest companies to work in Arizona!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Wipey Cases





*Not Available*

Pardon My Glitch

Just fixed a glitch in the 50% OFF sign-up form. Now you will instantly receive a coupon code for 50% OFF any item when you sign up on the right. Enjoy!
If you have already signed up you can check your email for the coupon I sent out this morning.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yes Magazine

Whippy Cake was mentioned in an article in YES magazine. This was a surprise to me as well but still very exciting :) The girls at Loveland are always hooking it up for Whippy Cake.

Also, Heidi Swapp from House of 3 was sporting her very own whippy Glamour Band on her Ustream Class last Wednesday.
{image from Ho3}

Monday, January 4, 2010

It's on!

Well I am back from the holidays and newly motivated for the new year! I can't start the New Year without some goals so here are a few of my not so private intents this year.

  1. Finish infusing my small business with Infusionsoft. Get it, use it, love it!
  2. Engage in some sort of physical activity {Bluh!} like Biggest Loser for Wii {it's actually more fun than I thought}.
  3. Make one of these for my kids. Best redo EVER ever!
  4. Paint my house
  5. Read 100 books. {Link to list coming soon}
  6. Potty train the monster.
  7. Get Pregnant with our trilogy
  8. Be the Maid of Honor in the hottest wedding of the year
  9. Stop being a workaholic
  10. Run a 10k
So there ya have it. Now I am off to check my email and get started on all your new orders....