Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On Holiday

Sorry for my reckless abandonment of this blog. I've been unquestionably distracted on vacation with my family. I must say being snowed in every day has been mesmerizing and relaxing and really I've just enjoyed playing around and goofing off with my family. It will be tough to go home.

Ice skating  for the first time in years!

My sisters and I have silly down to a science.


Nothing is cuter than marshmallow snow clothes except of course Lo Lo's new scrunched up face smile.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Can you handle TWO of them???

This Becky.... invited our Becki......
Our Wonderful friend Becky, of Becky Higgins LLC asked OUR Miss Becki to share some hair tips, for a hair Tutorial on her amazing BLOG..... Becky is an incredible person, we love and appreciate all of the support we get from her!! We had so much fun making the Tutorial, we laughed a lot, hopefully we will see some of the silly out takes one day;)....

For now you should really go over and check out all of the fun videos that Becky H. has made for her 12 days of Christmas, very cool....

Thanks again Becky,

we had a ton of fun!
Whippy Cake....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Opposition wears red boots

... and a bow. Opposition likes to undo anything I do. Opposition likes to take out anything that has been put away. Opposition likes to scribble on my invoices. Opposition likes to dump out bags of buttons. Opposition likes to scout out candy in my desk. Opposition likes to squish her finger through my chap stick. Opposition likes to type on my computer. Opposition likes to sit in my lap while I sew. Opposition leaves her care bears on my floor. Opposition likes to play on my ipad when I'm not looking. But doesn't Opposition look adorable in a dress?


London (currently known as Opposition) is opposed to all things Whippy Cake or at least she is determined to sabotage all things Whippy Cake. She sure is adorable while she is doing it though. It's hard to get frustrated even if she is a force to be reckoned with.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Patched up Heart.

I was honored the girls from St. Josephs Hospital asked me to make the charms and necklaces for the Complex Congenital Heart Infant Evaluation and Follow-up (CHIEF) graduation again this year. The adorable little babies go through so much with their heart surgeries and recovery and it's such an exciting thing for them to be able to graduate. I designed the handmade "bandaged heart" charms to remind them of their triumph over their struggles and it's something that the moms and patience can share in common. It's always such a blessing to be a part of something like this (even though my part is microscopic) it gives me the opportunity to realize how blessed I am in life and of course how precious life itself is.


Monday, December 13, 2010

My BIG Surprise

 A few moths ago I called a family friend of ours and he and I started working together on a project I am incredibly excited about. Jake Clark is in the business of filming and I am tickled pink (do people even say that anymore?) that he is partnering up with Whippy Cake. Jake will officially be taking over filming our video tutorials (there, there icam, don't take it personal). As much as I love recording my hair tutorials by myself on my computer with only one angle in my studio with bad lighting I just felt that my video tutorials were lacking. Over the last few months I have been pouring all my ideas and thoughts into a folder, just saving them for the right time when Jake and I could get the ball rolling. (Sorry for holding out on you, hopefully you will forgive me when you see the new set of videos.) The time has finally come and we decided to kick off the new upcoming videos with a video promo of my 2011 collection. Holla! I begged Sierra to come back on set to model for us once again. I got to see a few peaks of the video and I am seriously going to blow a gasgut from excitement.


I just thought I would leak some pictures and some info so that I am not the only one out of my mind with anticipation. I will be posting more information and details once we get closer to posting our new set of video tutorials. It's going to be COLOSSAL!!! 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Whippy Cake Casting Call

We are officially on a quest to find the perfect girls to model our next collection on our website.

The photoshoot will be located in Chandler and will be an all day event. We already have our adult models but we are still looking for 1 girl between the ages of 2 and 8 as well as 1 newborn infant between 7 days old and two weeks old. The Phototshoot will be between December 28th and the 30th.

How to Apply:

To be considered please send me an email at with the following information:
  • Name, age, clothing and shoe size and physical features (ie. eye color, hair color, legnth etc.)
  • Personality traits (ie. bubbly, hyper, shy, quiet etc.)
  • Any applicable modeling experience including dates and venue information
  • Minimum of 5 images including 1 head shot and 1 full body shot. 
  • Availability between December 27th and 30th.
  • For the newborns include due date and if you are willing to travel with your infant.
  • Contact information for legal guardian including, name, relationship to model, primary number, secondary number, and email. Also let us know if you accept text messages.
  • Feel free to include any additional information you think we might like to know :)
  • Models/model's guardians are required to sign a consent form prior to the photoshoot.
    The second application phase will be a live interview and test shots in front of a camera so we ask that you only apply if you are willing to travel both the interview and late to the photoshoot.

*If you yourself would like to be considered as an adult model feel free to apply as we might have additional openings and we would also love to have you on our contact list for future events.

We are so excited about this phototshoot and we are even more excited at the prospect of having some of our readers participate!


Can you blame me?

I know a lot of people are disappointed we closed up shop so early. I'm super sorry for any of you who  didn't get to purchase from our fall collection. The holidays are always a treacherous time for business owners especially right around Christmas because of the mass amount of Christmas orders. I might be the only one working till all obscene hours of the night and missing out on Ugly Sweater holiday parties. I do my best to stay ahead of the game am usually drowning in work. Sometimes I wish I could curl up with some hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies with my family or go drive around town and look at Christmas lights instead of what I am usually doing.

I knew if I didn't close soon enough I wouldn't give myself enough time to actually take a vacation and spend some free time with my amazing and supportive family. Can you blame me? They are pretty adorable after all. I want to apologize in advance for using sweet and precious pictures of my kids to butter you up. Hopefully it's working and you will forget all about the fact that we are closed ;) Did I mention how awesome our next collection is going to be?





Special thanks to Jessica at Sierra Studios Photography for squeezing us in for family pictures this year.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Small Business Model

Occasionally  I like to talk about Infusionsoft. It's hard not to bring it up every now and then because Whippy Cake is entirely dependent on Infusion's small business software. We use it for everything! It makes me happy. The boss just sent me this video today about Infusionsoft's work environment. I've always appreciated and admired the company's ability to have fun and be creative. It's such a great example of what I hope to achieve some day and a fabulous reminder of what's important. I wouldn't mind working there one bit!!!

I spy a few of my friends in this video. [Jessi, you adorable darling!]

In my boots

When am I not in my boots? Almost never. The Boss doesn't mind so much except when I wear them in bed. Mostly I wear them with my jammies and my hooded sweater jacket when I am working. When I know people are coming over I try to slip into some socially acceptable clothes. People come over unexpectedly all the time so you have probably witnessed the coolness of my over sized J's. No shame or anything :{

Me and the kids have a bit of a slipper fetish.  All 3 of us like to wear slippers and we each have at least 3 pair and what better to wear with slippers than jammies? The Boss is slowly getting used to the fact that it's not going to change around here anytime soon.

What are your guilty comfort clothes?

Monday, December 6, 2010

In case you missed it....

The Tomkat Studio's 2010 Holiday gift guide, the one where Miss Becki compiled a page for, is now being featured on Hostess with the Mostess.... This is a great way to get idea's for everyone in your life!

Have fun shopping!


Whippy Cake...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Overwhelemed by LOVE....

We have been completely OVERWHELMED by the LOVE we have felt from the response to our POST last week, asking for your candidates to be pampered for a day.
So let us say a big heart felt "THANK YOU" You did NOT disappoint! We should have known better, you all are so amazing and have the biggest hearts.... Seriously, we have been inundated by letters about the amazing people who have been beyond selfless, they are courageous, and dare we say these ladies are Hero's..
O my Heck! we have been on an emotional RoLlErCoAsTeR, we have felt incredible JOY at the humanity, displayed. And we have shed many a tear while reading about these remarkable women who are Hero's in the lives of the people they touch. I am emotional right now thinking about the fact that we can only pick one... This has been a very difficult, and heart wrenching task, having to narrow it down to one special person... We are soo very humbled by these stories, we want to take care of every single lady! Becki and our little Whippy Cake team can only do so much.....

We have an IDEA!!!

Now, we obviously can't devote a whole day to each candidate, but we would like to spread a little love to each one...
Here is what we are asking for... We know that many of you are creative, and have mad skills, if you would like to donate some of your time, like styling someones hair, or creating a piece of jewelery, or gift for a Mommy in need, or giving a gift certificate to your Shop, or even from your favorite vendor, we would LOVE to mention your generosity and in the Spirit of Christmas give each lady some JOY! I have goosebumps just thinking about it!! We know that you already are very generous and busy taking care of others...
But just imagine, if you were to help, by giving a little more to these phenomenal people that you may or may not know, we could create a


admin@whippycake .com


Friday, December 3, 2010

A Merry MOB.....

We liked this, because it was different from the DANCE Flash Mob's we've seen before... Don't get me wrong we LOVE the DANCE, but this one took us to a different place, and I'm sure the lucky shoppers had to rub their arms to keep the goosebumps at bay... I hope we can all slow down and take a minute or two to remember WHY we are celebrating!

We are so blessed....

ps. we forgot to mention that Bret sent me this video knowing my obsession with youtube videos and my weird love for flash mobs. Thanks baby!
Whippy Cake

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Last Chance Minis

In case you haven't heard yet we decided to list the mini Christmas appliques in our Etsy shop to make it easier to order. We listed every single one we have so when they are gone they are gone. Check 'em out.

slip it under my tree if you can

Here is my illusive Christmas list. However unpractical and unrealistic it may be I believe in dreaming BIG baby!!!!

1. Mexican Wedding Cookies. I could eat them by the truck load. 

2. My master bedroom painted. It's become the dump zone in our house and I want it to be the escape zone.

3. Budgies! The cutest little mimicking birds ever.

4. This hair cut. I dream of not having to style my own hair.

5. Just Dance 2 for the Wii. I got a taste of Just Dance at my sisters house and I LOVE it! I predict a dance party at my house?

6. One of these in my tummy. Recently bit by the baby bug. Gotta get me one... like yesterday.

A CDMA Verizon capable white 4G iphone. Needs no explaining. It's just time for it to happen STEVE!!!

8. This utterly breath taking art print by Leigh Viner.

A cruise. I could really use a vacation. Jamaica maybe? 

10. This outrageously genius and awesome chandelier. Get in my house!!!

Merry Christmas to me (in an alternate universe)!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Make Over time!

Remember this AMAZING lady?
If you missed it, you can read about it HERE....

Well, we had wonderful time taking care of such a deserving person, that we want to do it again! Only we want you to CHOOSE who gets to be made over! It's time to put your thinking caps on, and then let us know about the AMAZING people in your life! Someone who works really hard, and is always taking care of others, or has been through some rough times, and just needs a break!
You can even nominate yourself!

Unfortunately we don't have the budget for air fair, which means it will need to be someone who lives close by, someone here in sunny in Arizona. We would like to do this on the week of December 14th... SO, if you think you know someone who fits the criteria, and really deserves a day of "GLAM" please tell us all about them...

To NOMINATE~ send us an Email with a little back story on your nominee, and why you think they should be chosen, Oh and if you can, please include a picture of them.

I know you have someone you want to give this gift to! Yes! it feels good already:)


O BABY....

Well I hope we have given the turkey and pies enough time to settle in your bellies!! Because today is the day that we pick a lucky winner for our Modern Cupcake giveaway!......

And the WINNER is.... Rosy B!

O my HECK! You are sooo LUCKY!

So if you want to share, I can meet you somewhere off the 101!!:)

No, i'm sure you will have plenty of family who will be more than happy to share with you...

Shoot me an email so we can get you the GOODS!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm dreaming of a Whippy Christmas

I wrote you a Christmas song for the holidays because I love you and I wanted to do something special. 

I'm dreaming of a Whippy Christmas
Just like the ones that make you stare
Where the buttons glisten
and children listen
to compliments about their mother's hai

I'm dreaming of a Whippy Christmas
with all the colors that are right
May your hair be pretty with height
and may all your accessories be bright

and may ALLLLLLL your accessories be BRRRRRRRRRIGHT!

 Don't worry, as good as my lyrics are I'm not considering making a career change anytime soon. I will be sticking to designing more Whippy Cake... like right now... as I type this. I am multitasking. Designing and typing. That's what I do. And I dance too, if you can believe it. I could be dancing right now, and typing, and designing. Get over it.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Check this out!!

Our Fabulous Friends at TomKat Studio have put together this Beautiful Holiday helper...

You must go here to look at the stunning pages! One of them has been "STYLED" by our very own Miss Becki!

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is here! Which means it's the last day to order from our online store this year. Which means we are having a sale off everything on our website (while supplies last). Use "CAKESALE" as the promo code to receive 20% OFF your entire purchase today only!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

mine all mine

Yesterday I failed to post a thought of gratitude because I was with my family. My family is the greatest thing I have to be thankful for. I'm Thankful my husband puts up with me and all my madness. I'm thankful we have two perfect, beautiful kids. I'm thankful  I get to be their mom and that I was able to experience the awesome and unforgettable moments of pregnancy.  I'm thankful I get to learn from my toddlers every day. I'm thankful that each day is a new day for me to try and be a better wife no matter how many times I  fail. I'm thankful the boss is such and awesome daddy and that the babies love him so. I'm thankful the boss is wanting another baby already. I'm thankful for the holidays that bring families closer together. I'm thankful I had a moment to think about how blessed I am to have my precious family. I love them so so so so so so so so soooooo so so sooo so so sooo soo much!!!! I just feel happy.


 ps. I'm also thankful to Sierra Studios for doing our family photos this year, regardless of how terrifying we truly were. She somehow was able to pull us together perfectly in our photos. Talent!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No Cake without You

When the day is done and I look back on all that has been accomplished the credit is almost always due to my Whippy Cake girls. I have the best team of ladies dominating Whippy Cake from home in their own special way. Each girl brings so much to the table and helps out in so many ways it's hard to imagine I ever survived without them... Who am I kidding!?!? I WASN'T surviving without them!

At this time of year during the thought provoking moments of gratitude I absolutely MUST give thanks for these ladies and express my gratitude to them. Although I am absolutely terrible and awkward at being sentimental the least I can do is try.


Wendy- My right hand. My brain is mush without you and my heart is full because of you. How much  there is to learn from you and how blessed I  am to know you. Thanks for always bringing me back around to what is important and for sharing my burdens.

Carli- (my sister) thanks for always being willing to share the stress with me and for always responding to my picture messages and my late night ideas via text and for quitting soda w/ me and then un-quitting soda with me over and over again. You have so sweetly taken on so many roles.

Aubrey- (my other sister) aka - the machine! Nobody dominates like you do and you have rescued me more times than any sister deserves. Thanks for your pep talks and for always keeping me pointed in the right direction.

Lorna- The girl who needs no training. Thank you for being so talented and available and for thriving the way you do. Your optimism astounds me and your perseverance moves me to tears.

Katie- My personal suggestion box. Thank you for your peppy and fun pace and for always being willing to do more at the drop of a hat. You're a fountain of ideas and always anxious to help with anything!

Kelseigh- The only thing sweeter than cake is you. Thank you for being the most dainty and feminine thing a girl can be. Your sweetness and romantic style inspires me time and again and your help is so important to me. 

I could honestly go on and on about all the things you each help me with and all the wonderful things I love about each of you. I have a feeling I have only glimpsed a small portion of how fortunate I am to have the help of all of you. 

To all you Cake Lovers out there who can't live without your Whippy fix I want you to know that without these girls there would be NO CAKE! Gasp!!! It's true, which is why we should all express how thankful we are to the Whippy Cake Bakers.

Hugs and Kisses girls!


Who could forget this little guy?

I want to start out by saying that, I KNOW that our Heavenly Father is the reason why Emmett is healing, and that Prayer and Faith do indeed work! Every time I went into his ICU room, there was an actual physical feeling that came over me.. A feeling of deep peace, like you could just sit there all day. I would cry on the way home from my visits with Emmett and Karla, because that feeling was soo profound! And the minute I left his room I could feel the stark difference. The last time it happened I called Karla, from the parking lot crying like a little baby.. She said that other's, and even the Nursing staff had noticed this feeling as well. All I can say, is that Emmett must have some important work to do here!


is HOME!!!

He is a Miracle! From before he was born this little guy has had to fight to be here. We have been watching in awe... Emmett came home this last weekend and even all of his Surgeons, and specialist were shaking their heads in disbelief. Amazed that not only did he survive, but he has (in record time) recovered enough to be home with his family. YES! Emmett is home!

Karla, Michael, and his big brother Ethan would like to thank everyone who prayed for him and their Family, they believe with their whole hearts that FAITH and PRAYER is why he is home today. I got to hear Emmett's raspy little voice this morning, and I couldn't stop the tears!

He still has a long road ahead, but he is up for it! He has occupational, and physical therapy daily, and a special Nurse comes to him once a week. Karla has become his secretary and chauffeur, she said she scheduled 8 appointments for him yesterday. They were with all of his Surgeons, and Specialists, to keep a close eye on him. He is a very important guy!

For now Emmett still has his Esophageal Ostomy, and his feeding tube... Eventually he will have a few more surgeries to reconnect everything. And then after his esophagus remembers how to work he will get his feeding tube out. But don't worry all that isn't getting them down, they are just feeling so utterly blessed to still have him, and in his own bed no less.

You can go HERE for Karla's update.

One last thing... Karla found comfort in this is a beautiful song, and said exactly what she has been feeling. GODSPEED ~ Listen if you have a few extra minutes...

Go Emmett GO!


Monday, November 22, 2010

A scheduling UPDATE....

In Honor of Cyber Monday {the busiest on-line shopping day of the year} we will be extending our closing date through Monday November 29th. Yes! a few more days to shop;)

So PEEPS that will be your last chance to shop for Whippy Cake this year! We thought about it and decided that you all might be OUT shopping on this crazy Friday shopping Holiday! In other words; Black Friday will NOT be our last day open, like we originally said.
Just in case any of you can relate to this picture.

Also This Wednesday the 24th will be the last Wednesday for Shopping at Miss Becki's Studio....SOOO if you would like some cake, including our "Christmas Applique's" and other "Limited Edition" pieces this would be your LAST chance.
Shoot me an e-mail and I will HOOK you UP!

Thankful for a SWEET giveaway!

Our Giveaway today comes to us from the Delectable

Can I get a YIPPEEEE! Let me tell ya, if you have not yet had the GOOD fortune of sampling one of these melt-in-your-mouth confections you are missing out! My mouth is watering at the memory...


We were lucky enough to experience Modern Cupcake a few weeks ago at The Believe boutique, and it is something that I won't soon forget... I (Wendy) am a pretty picky eater, but when I find something pleasurable to eat, I can be a passionate woman! Just ask anyone who knows me, especially my kids, I can get a little crazy over food! I brought home 7 Red Velvet cupcakes, and I ended up cutting them into pieces, to make them last longer, then I carefully rationed them, until every last morsel was gone... SCARY, but true.:)

*The only catch is, that you need to be LOCAL, as they do not ship at this time...

So if you want a chance to experience these babies.........

Modern Cupcake will give away 1 dozen cupcakes (1 flavor) to the lucky winner. A dozen is valued at $36.

Here is how you can feel Thankful too...

~LIKE Modern Cupcake on Facebook and let us know.

~Become a fan and follow Whippy Cake's blog, Facebook and or/Twitter and let us know.

~Then leave us a comment on this post stating which flavor you desire, from Modern Cupcake...

~For extra entries, you can blog, facebook or tweet about this giveaway and leave a 2nd comment with the link(s). (extra entries only qualify if they have a link.)

Good Luck Friends!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Detective Cake-Stache

 Yah, I know. Mustache photos are probably getting old but for the record this is my first. I picked up these absolutely, utterly and completely adorable mustache sewing pins at The Queen Bee Market from Creme de la Gems. My kids and I have been playing with them everyday. Uh,  I mean.... I do not let my toddlers play with sewing pins, I just let them look at them. 


I love these super fun sewing pins so much. I want to collect some more!

Whippy Cake Facebook Giveaway WINNER!

Heather Magliarditi
you are it!
Here is the photo that Heather used as her profile pic on our facebook giveaway...
Isn't she LOVELY?

Wow, I'm sure you will have a good time spending your $50 credit!

Shoot me an email;

This just in.... Black Friday is the last day Whippy Cake will be open for business this year, 2010... But, you should know that supplies are going FAST!! So it's first come, first serve! As we run out of the material to make each Applique, they will be on "SOLD OUT" status...
Never fear, our new line will be available the first of 2011.... so get shoppin friends!


Team Whippy Cake..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Winner is......

So today is the day that we announce the Winner of our 8x10 TWIG print!

And that lucky person is.... The Navy Morrisons! hooray for you!

Send me an email, so I can make sure you get your pick!


Anyone remember last year when I offered a reward for the mysterious boots {HERE}? After months of searching we came up empty handed...

 Well, I just had the urge to search again and holy GUACAMOLE I found them!!! Thank you AMAZON! The only down fall is it's 3:45am and I can't call anyone or even scream and run around the studio doing my happy dance. Instead I emailed my sister the link so she can get in on the perfect booties also. Sorry to my blog for being the second to hear the good news. You can bet your britches I added all FOUR colors to my Amazon favorites widget on the left. Are my bold, all caps and large words getting annoying? I use them when I am very VERY excited!


It being 3:45am I almost went crazy and bought them in ALL four colors but reason piped in so I didn't... Or because it's 3:45am I ignored the voice of reason when it told me to buy all four colors.  Crap.

Nothing to do now but wait in agony for them to show up on my door. One thing is for sure, when they do get here, I will have a very intimate photo shoot with those suckers on my feet!

fReAkInG out people!!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We would like to make some Announcements.....

A few important items of Business....
  1. Regarding Custom orders; We are no longer able to take custom orders, for a time... Believe me, we would love to make ALL of your wishes come true! The truth is, we have been happily overwhelmed with the volume of your orders, and we just can't accommodate any more. So sorry Cake Lovers... We are, however currently busting our booties to get your orders to you..
  2. Ordering in time for Christmas; If you would like to receive your goodies in time for the Holiday you NEED to order by December 1st.

3. You can still SHOP at Becki's on Wednesday's from 11am to 2pm. Limited Edition pieces can be purchased in house. ;) Email me for an appointment and directions..

4. How bout some..Video Tutorials? Are you a FAN? Well if you are, we have a beautiful surprise coming just for you!!!

Last, but certainly not the least.. We LOVE you, and we are doing our best to make all of you happy! Although that seems near impossible sometimes with our tiny, but mighty Whippy Cake Team. We thank you for kindness and patience. You really have been so awesome!

We are trying to keep some perspective, and remember that Glamourbands certainly are NOT life and death, but we would be so happy to help you feel beautiful somewhere in between the two. :)


Team Whippy Cake

Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm tired, how 'bout a giveaway?

Whippy Cake's Monday Morning Fact Sheet:

It's Monday. Duh!
I've hardly recovered from the trip to California. *Small tear.
I'm slammed with orders (which I will start shipping immediately today).
I just found out I missed endless shrimp at Red Lobster (note to self: sign up for Red Lobster notifications).
My house is destroyed! Mainly my studio and my closet, no time to clean it. Oh Darn!
I want to take my kids out for a play date with mommy because I missed them. Bounce U maybe?
I started one of the best books ever (I am Number Four) and am now realizing I may never finish it. Thank you Amazon for suggesting such a LONG book. 
My email is overflowing more than it ever has. Yikes! (please be patient w/ me)
I am feeding Lo Lo pink coconut Snow Balls. Second breakfast, yum.
Changed my Pandora play-list to Christmas music this morning. (no going back now)  It's so loud I'm sure I can't hear anything else.
I am freaking tired!

...more tired after making this list, I should slow down. Too tired to drag pictures from my camera and post them. How bout a GIVEAWAY instead? This one is courtesy of the Boss. It was his idea and he demands it start today. It's a piece of cake...

Change your Facebook profile picture to a picture of you wearing your favorite Whippy Cake. (Ok, it can be a picture of anyone as long as they are cake faced) but you do need to leave a comment on the Facebook Giveaway thread {HERE}. Later this week we will pick a the winner who will get a $50 promo code for our online store.

For an extra entry you can change your blog profile image to one with Whippy Cake too and leave a comment on this post as well. Show us your best cake face and tell us what you like about your Whippy Cake!!!

New announcements coming tomorrow...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What would YOU do?

Sooo it's that time of the year and we been brainstorming, making lists, sketching, feeling inspired! One of Becki's inspirations was to ask YOU, her very fashionable peeps for your 2 cents!

Let's hear it!

What would your most Divine Whippy Cake confection look like?

Yes just imagine a world with the perfect accessory to complete your ensemble!

Now you have YOUR chance to give us your requests and suggestions... Because we KNOW you have them:). All you have to do is leave us a comment with your inspirations, and who knows maybe we will see a little of YOU in our next Collection!

We can't wait to hear from you all!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Are you a TomKitten?

Well I am! A kitten is what you might call a super fan of TomKat Studio...

The very lovely Kim is the Creator/Owner of TKS, and O baby she is going places! Aaaannd she is taking Whippy Cake with her!
Kim is a Party Stylist extraordinaire, the best in her field, and even been dubbed the Printable Queen by Martha Stewart's peeps! So it goes without saying that she has great style~ And she has always been a supportive friend of Whippy Cake!
Well Kimberley is being featured with her very own segment on Sonoran Living live today! And she will be sporting some CAKE! So if you would like to get some great ideas for your Thanksgiving celebration, or you want to join us in supporting our very talented friend you should tune in! It will air sometime between 11am and 12pm today! we will post a link on Facebook when it becomes availiable.
Congrats to Kim and the TomKat Studio!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

How about a Giveaway!

It's Veterans Day and we're celebrating with a giveaway!
{We also want to say Thank you to all our Grandfathers, and loved ones who have sacrificed for this amazing Country we are so blessed to live in...}

here are just a few words that describe this next giveaway;

Cool. Innovative. Hip. Creative.


Steve & Michelle

and their adventure called;


Haven't heard of Twig? They are a husband & wife team who recently launched their website; they say: "it's a creative collaboration of us + you." And we're excited to share Twig's newest venture!
Here is a small sample of what they offer... And you could win an 8x10 print of your choosing, for your own creative place...

You have to go check the rest of the amazingness out.. Go and look at all of their super cool prints here . They also feature all sorts of other gems designed by others in all areas of creativity!

And one last thing that TWIG has to offer, they can help you build and promote your own little business here: The Marketplace

so if you would like a chance to win an 8x10 print of your choice, this is what you do....

1- Become a fan and follow Whippy Cake's blog, Facebook and or/Twitter & let us know.

2- Then leave us a comment on this post stating what you love about TWIG.

For extra entries, you can blog, facebook or tweet about this giveaway and leave a 2nd comment with the link(s). (extra entries only qualify if they have a link.)
We will announce our lucky winner next Wednesday the 17th.