Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happer Hallerdeen

...or Happy Halloween if you don't speak toddler. Hope it's fabulous and you gorge yourself on candy like I plan too.



Friday, October 29, 2010

Meet Emmett....

When I brought this story to Becki, she immediately insisted that we do anything we can to help this Family...

My amazing friend Karla had a miracle baby just over a year ago. His name is Emmett and he was born 11 weeks early at 2 pounds 6 ounces. He's been a fighter since the day he got here, just barely a year ago. And now he's having to fight again....Just about 2 weeks ago Emmett was not feeling well. Not himself. Monday night Karla had a feeling that she needed to sleep in his room with him. The next morning, she noticed that Emmett was having trouble breathing. She took him immediately to Urgent Care, and was then instructed to go to Phoenix Children's Hospital right away. It was discovered that Emmett had swallowed a quarter size battery and it was lodged in his throat. It had already caused damage to his esophagus from the leakage from the battery, and he was rushed into emergency surgery. They are keeping a close eye on him in the PICU, and because of his discomfort level, they have him heavily sedated, and he will stay that way for the next few weeks in order to heal . They will then do reconstructive surgery to correct the damage done to his esophagus. Poor little Emmett, and his sweet parents, have been through so much this past year with Emmett's early birth. And now, they are dealing with this. The Doctors say it is a miracle that he is still with us!

This was a complete accident that Emmett swallowed this battery. That is just what kids do! They put things in their mouths! It's no one's fault. But Emmett's family would like to get the word out. This battery was from the television remote control, much the same as you would find in those greeting cards that play music... These batteries are small and only secured with a little adhesive. They ARE deadly, so watch your little ones, and keep these scary little batteries far far away from them. Also they want us to know that Emmett needs all the prayers he can get right now.. So if you will add another person to your personal prayer roll, please, please pray for Emmett. That he and his Family will be comforted while he is in the hospital. That he will heal . And that they all, his Mommy Karla, dad Michael & big brother Ethan - will feel the strength of our Father in Heaven during this time. We know it works! I will continue to keep you all aware of his progress, on our blog and Facebook... If you would like to read more about this Amazing little guy you can find his most recent update HERE.

thanks so much!



Best Advertising

My favorite Halloween commercial this year (by FAR, I might add) was made by Snickers. It's totally something I would have done if I was clever enough to think of it. Go ahead, watch it 10 times in a row like I did. that's good advertising.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dank Decor

I finally put together some Halloween displays at our house. Better late than never I always say. Sometimes I get a little resentful that I don't have more free time to enjoy my favorite time of year. Oh well, at least my house will be decorated midway through December when I have time to decorate for Christmas. I am looking forward to carving pumpkins and overdosing on candy this weekend.   





I'm going to try much harder to take pictures of our costumes this year.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bad A$$

That would be Kingston in his Bad A$$ underwear.  I try not to promote cursing but no other words come to mind when I see this kid running around in his glow in the dark skull underwear.


What does this have anything to do with anything, you ask? We're potty training this week. A task I loath beyond any other motherly duty.  It almost makes me think twice about creating any more bed wetting children. It hasn't been pleasant, or clean. For either of us. However, he is getting it and they say it will be worth it. Needless to say it's kept me unavoidably detained and thus I lack other material to post at this time.

Fear not, I have new and better announcements to come including some sneak peeks of the limited edition pieces I will be selling at the upcoming boutiques HERE and HERE. I'm pretty sure you will be pleasantly surprised about the new limited edition pieces. The reviews I've been getting have been ecstatic!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I was doing a little Halloween browsing on Etsy and found these awesome prints! I can picture perfectly where I would place each one. Each one so different but so fantastically awesome! I'm anxious to get one... but WHICH?!?!

I'm thinking Daughter of November would make a contrasting addition to my studio. My fellow blog buddy Lindsey just featured the Whippy Cake Lair on her blog Better After. Thanks friend ;)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pirate Booty

Whose excited about Halloween week? I am pretty durn riveted. Even though not a one of you has a costume yet I just love this time of year. Something about cooler weather, free candy and dressing up puts me in a good mood.

Yada yada yada... I know you just wanna know about the goods so I will get to it.   
Pirate Booty from the Simmer Town collection is on sale this week for $13.

I thought since it's the week of Halloween and since Pirate Booty has a pirate vibe to it that it would be the perfect loot for this week in celebration of all the festivities. I think Pirate Booty makes a perfect addition to several costumes. Can I get an "Rrrrrgh!"?


What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Brace yourselves...

...for what's next!

For a trial period of time we will be accepting custom orders again. Holla! We get so many emails requesting custom orders it just breaks our hearts to turn them all away. Especially this time of year when everyone is coordinating family photos and Christmas events. So we're bringing back the option to customize.

I'd like to keep the process as plain and simple as possible so here is how it will work.

- $10 custom order fee (up to 4 appliques)
- Submit custom orders to with "custom order" in the subject line
- include color samples and all order details in the email (any pictures and images will help).
- You will be contact to confirm the order and sent an invoice including the custom order fee.
- orders are not started until after payments are complete
- custom orders take 2-3 weeks minimum.

Here are some glamorous samples of custom pieces from last year.





We're hoping this will make lots of people happy :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Did I ever tell you...

I joined a gym?

If you are done laughing now I will continue...

I joined a gym for some much needed away time from the stresses of work and because let us face it, My muscles could use a little stimulation after sitting in the studio day in and day out. The real shocker is I have actually been going to the gym! And I like it. The first couple of days my Nike shoes were really tearing up my feet. So I tell the Boss I need new workout shoes and he says "Maybe you just need to break these ones in." and I said back to him "These are like 4 years old, I got them when we first got married." So he says to me... get this "Yah, but you need to wear them more than 3 or 4 times to wear them in." huh hemmm... I can't repeat what happened after that because this blog is rated G for NO Violence. Embarrassingly enough the man was right. So I stuck it out another week with the Nikes but the Nikes wore me out and not the other way around. So I text the Boss a graphic picture of my bloody socks and shoes and my ouchy foot and he text me back in his queasy grossed out text tone "Yeah u need new shoes-" So glad we agreed that time Boss ;)

I immediately head on over to the shoe store to try on all the latest athletic shoes and one shoe stood out above allllll the rest as far as fit and comfort. That would be the Ryka running shoes. They were simply divine. But I didn't want running shoes (not quite that devoted yet) because I stick to my studio classes. So I go online and do a little research and I am blown away by the concept behind the Ryka shoes and the women who design them and guess what! They have studio shoes! So then I hit up because I know they will have the lowest prices and I buy me the Ryka Studio Flex Low in Black.


They got to me in TWO days and my feet have been pampered ever since. So that is why you will find my Ryka shoes in my Amazon List of Favorites in the left sidebar. I'm obsessed. Currently converting my sisters over to the dark side. And when I say dark side I mean Black because I think black athletic shoes are sophisticated and sexy and they go with everything (because when you are red, hot and sweaty at the gym at least your shoes still look good). That last bit about the dark side and sexy workout shoes may be a bit of fluff... But aren't they pretty?

Ok. Shutting up now.

Disclaimer: Apologies to the Boss for throwing him under the bus for what he said about me not working out. Ever. In his defense he was right and he meant it in the sweetest way possible. The truth hurts, (sorry I punched you babe! jk)  I don't punch. Anymore.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tami says Thanks...

Remember this Beautiful Lady and her sweet Family....

Tami wanted us to post this Thank You note, it's for all of us!

Hello all,

Thanks to all of you for your kind and loving comments!

I just wanted to send out a great big “Thank You!!” to all these fabulous women who helped me to feel like a “queen for the day!” I am overwhelmed by the kindness shown to me by complete strangers, please know that you have made such an impact in my life and I will forever be grateful! I felt like a kid in the candy store visiting Domestic Bliss—what a wonderful boutique with so many unique offerings! I so love my new clothes (my 11yr old daughter’s comment: “Wow mom, you really do have some fashion sense!”) Thank you Kristin for inviting me to your store and for the gift certificate! Kelsey, you are a doll and I LOVE, LOVE my new haircut and color! My toes are still a beautiful sparkling violet, so fun—Thanks to Emily! And how excited I am to have such great pictures by Connie to remember the day by. You all have such amazing talents and I am touched by your willingness to share them with me!

To Becki, words alone cannot express my gratitude for your RAOK. I am so impressed by you! Your many talents are only matched by your kindness and my hope is to someday be able to repay this kindness by following your example and lifting another in their time of need. You will obviously continue to do amazing things in your life and I am a better person for having met you—Thank you, Thank you!

And finally, to Wendy, my long time friend, I am so blessed to have you in my life! You are a force of good to all those around you and I
thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing this all about!

May each of you be blessed in your own lives for the goodness you do!



P.S. Whippy Cake is now our most favorite hair accessory, my girls are in love with them—Thanks again Becki!

So if you would like to keep up with Tami' s Family, { this } is where you go... And if you would like to enjoy a little HOPE, while sharing some with this terrific family you can go {here}. It's a Fund Raiser that is going on right now, through the 30th!
Becki and I will be wearing our hope around our Necks!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Miss Bliss

Why hello Miss Bliss! Glad to see you are only $16 dollars this week in our online store from the Haute and Saucy collection. Oh how I have loved to look at thee atop my head for the last year in our Christmas Card and family photos. Oh how sweet it is that I am already planning to wear thee again this year. Oh how I love the femininity you add to my darling daughters fat bald head.  Oh how thy simplicity and class brings me complete BLISS. If only I could share thee with others...

...oh wait. I CAN!!!!!!


$5 OFF Miss Bliss. This week only!



Monday, October 18, 2010

California Knows How to Party

I'm very excited to be making another trip out to California to be a vendor at
The Queen Bee Market.
Mique found me on Twitter and then when she told me about their HUGE boutique at the Del Mar Hilton right on the beach in San Diego, I was like "Say Whaaaat!?!" So Whippy Cake will be there to be sure. (I bet you all have figured out I'm a last minute planner by now. )

Because so many vendors and customers from Arizona are planning on making the trip out to San Diego for the boutique did a little blurb with a few sneak peaks of some of the vendors that will be there, including Whippy Cake. You can check out more details on the georgous flyer provided or shoot us an email at if you have any questions! I hope we get to see some of you there!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Up and Coming

There are so many exciting new things and changes with Whippy Cake right now I am disappointed I don't have enough time to post about all of them right now. Let's just say next week will be full of announcements, news and chatter. 

But! Today I get to announce that Whippy Cake will be a vendor at the 6th annual Believe - A Holiday Boutique in Chandler. The flier tells the details better than I can but if you click on the website you can view the list of the vendors attending and see pictures of booths from previous years.


To put it frankly this is the biggest baddest wolf of boutiques in the valley and there is no way Whippy Cake would miss it. Just ask Jami, we practically forced her to let us in or else ;)

My favorite thing about this years boutique is they started a Facebook page so you can read post and comments from all the vendors and the attendees. Awesome idea! Every time I stop by the fb page I get all hyped up about going all over again! Maybe I will see you there.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Something Blue

I've been swept away by many different projects and events lately but one of them was particularly special for me. My fav. buddy Rennai is getting married in less than a month and I have the pleasant privilege of being her Maid of Honor.  I was elated to host a bridal shower for her at the beginning of the month and I've been all jiggered about sharing some of the pictures on my blog. I was beside myself planning this party for her because I wanted it to be memorable and special for her. I really wanted to pay attention to every detail (not a strong quality of mine). With how busy I've been I was worried I wouldn't be able to pull it off but Rennai was very happy when all was said and done which made me EXTRA happy! My top favorite things about the party were as follows...

1. The lovely Bride to Be. She really is one of the most beautiful people I know! I'm so very lucky to know her :)


2. The CAKES!!! Oh my word! The cakes by Shye were unbelievable! (No, really. The guest did not believe the cakes were real) Once you get past how undeniably perfect they look it's almost unimaginable how great they taste. She also threw in some decadent cake balls and chocolate covered pretzels. Mmh Mmh Mmmmmmmh!


3. I was particularly proud of myself for making the party favors, especially after I cheated and purchased all the food instead of baking anything. I was making a few homemade terrariums for my studio with mini bird nests when I had the idea to use them for my party favors. I lucked out and found just enough bird nests, faux birds and sea-foam beads for the earrings for everyone on the guest list. It was super quick and easy to make and assemble all the earrings and place them in the nests with the little whimsical birds on top I just might need to add them to my store.  A pat on the back for me.



It was so nice to mix and mingle with all of Rennai's closest friends and family and I really enjoyed their company. I appreciated all the help and kind words as well. It was a beautiful little party with very beautiful people. I'm so glad I got to be a part of it and I'm so happy for Rennai and this very exciting step in her life. Love love LOVE you buddy!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Get Funky

This weeks discounted applique is Funk Factor from the Caught on Candy collection. It's on sale  the next 7 days for only $13. Booya!


From the start I envisioned funk factor paired with some of my absolute favorite Matilda Jane apparel. Here's a palette of my vision....

Mad LOVE for it people!

Get some.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Be CREATIVE with us!!

There is a very cool, very CREATIVE conference coming to Arizona!! Creative Estates will be in Chandler Arizona this April 8th through the 10th! Artisans from every creative medium, and all over the country will be there to share their skills and stories of how they are making their dreams come true. So if you love all things creative, and you fancy shopping for unique goodies, there will also be a Handmade Market!! I know!

And guess what! Our very own Miss Becki of Whippy Cake has been invited to speak at this super amazing conference! So if any of you fabulous friends would like to join us, HERE is where you want to go for more details... and there is even a special for peeps who purchase early:)

Some of the other Fantastic speakers being featured are; Shealynn of *Shey*[B],

 Becky Higgins, Kim of TomKat Studios, Melanie of Above All Fabric, Kim of Today's Creative blog, Kari from Ucreate, Jen from Tater Tots & Jello.. And more:) So exciting to have all these uber creative people in the same place!!

We sure hope to see you there!

xo, Wendy

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Living Proof

I just happened on a new product a few weeks ago in the checkout isle of Sephora. It's called No Frizz Straight Styling Cream by Living Proof.
The product really sells itself so to demonstrate here is a before and after shot of the effect No Frizz has on my hair. The before shot is my hair just after it's blown dry. No combing, flat iron or products. The after shot is my hair directly after I applied No Frizz Straight Styling Cream. I did not use a comb, flat iron or other products, just No Frizz Styling Cream. It's insane!


You can find it in the new list of My Favorite Things on Amazon widget I added to left sidebar. The list includes all the products I feature, use and love plus they are all on Amazon which has the lowest prices.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

#26 Reveal

Remember when I turned 26 and I did 26 RAOK's {see here} but then saved the 26th random of act of kindness to be disclosed on a future date to be decided by myself? Well, today is that day!

When I was planning my 26 RAOK's I discussed it many a times with Wendy. I confided in Wendy that above all I desperately wanted to impact someone's life for the better and give them something they could always remember. I wanted to find someone selfless and deserving. The kind of person that puts others needs above their own. Wendy, immediately listed several people she knew off the top of her head that fit that mold that were ultimately deserving of something really special. Wendy has a talent for getting to know people and recognizing what is special about each person. When she told me about Tammy I agreed that her circumstances paired with her charisma more than qualified her to be the receiver of my 26th RAOK.

Here is a little history on Tammy:

4 1/2 Years ago Tammy's husband Allen suffered a Grand Maul seizure during a church activity. Through extensive testing he was diagnosed with a large brain tumor and immediately underwent brain surgery 3 days later. He has subsequently undergone more surgeries and treatments for the tumor. Throughout treatment he has been unable to work and the family lost their business, and they are desperately trying to hang on to their current home. Even more recently Allen has started suffering from debilitating seizures more frequently and a recent scan of his brain showed new growth of the tumor just a few months ago. He has since been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. You can imagine the struggle Tammy and Allen have undergone these past years as a couple and as parents as well. Tammy spends her nights and days taking care of her sweetheart and her children with the constant companion of endless worry, hospitals stays and her continuous effort to stay optimistic. She is a very kind and charitable girl who rarely finds cause to speak negative words about anyone or anything. Tammy is always taking care of others and is the first to volunteer to serve. Taking care of herself on the other hand or doing extra girly things never makes her to-do list. Recently she also had a surgery of her own and still is awaiting the test results. I'm constantly surprised by her ever positive and strong enthusiasm for life. She truly is amazing!

I think we can all agree that Tammy is in need of some relaxation, pampering and even some glam. This is where we come in. After much planning and plotting and soliciting the help of some fabulous vendors we put together the perfect day for sweet Tammy.

Wendy picked up Tammy on a Tuesday morning and escorted her to Domestic Bliss where I met up with the two of them. Kristen generously donated a $100 gift certificate so that Tammy could shop for herself. Between the 3 of us we had a hard time narrowing it down between all of the fabulous selections at DB. Eventually Tammy was able to commit to an awesome ensemble as you can see by the smile on her face.


We then headed to Sweet Cakes just up the street for a bite to eat. Nothing better to recover from shopping than gourmet sandwiches and giant freshly baked cookies!

Our next stop was Habit Salon where Tammy was greeted by Kelsey for a cut and color consult. Tammy picked out a truffle brown hair color and a sexy cut with long layers and long bangs. I was beaming to see Tammy enjoying her time being pampered in the salon. Kelsey always does such a professional and fantastic job styling her clients and is as sweet as they come.


After Tammy's cut and color we relocated to my house where Tammy could sit back and relax while Emily bestowed the gift of Tammy's first set of glitter toes. I love that Emily makes house calls and that she is undeniably affordable and her color selection would make a rainbow shy away in jealousy. Check out the awesome lavender shade Tammy picked out for her toes!


During the glitter toes I did a makeup consult with Tammy to enhance her youthful skin and sparkling eyes. Tammy is a natural beauty but it was fun to play it up with makeup for some added glam.


We were so fortunate to have Connie B. accompany us every where we went to document the special day with her photography skills. She did a bang up job capturing the day and the effort from all the volunteers. By the end of the night Tammy was glowing with rejuvenated confidence and loveliness and lucky for us Connie was there to capture the final look.



All in all I feel that it was a successful day and my hope is that Tammy was able to enjoy just one day where she was the one being taken care of. She is such a beautiful person and she deserves even more than we were able to provide for her in such a short day. I hope she and Allen will be able to enjoy the pictures and the memory for a long time.


I really wanted to express appreciation to the sponsors who really made this day possible. Each was eager to participate and eager to give unquestioningly and without charge. To me that speaks volumes.

Thank you Kristen for the generous gift certificate to Domestic Bliss.
Thank you Kelsey for donating your time and talent on Tammy's cut, color and style.
Thank you Emily for your adding more glam to the day with your glitter toes.
Thank you Connie for spending the whole day with us photographing everything, even with your adorable pregnant belly.
Thank you Wendy for arranging everything and for introducing me to such an inspiring woman.
Thank you Tammy for touching my life.

Thank YOU for reading :)

Update: in the passing weeks of this glamorous experience Tammy and her family have received some happy news. The recent radiation treatments for Allen have been successful at keeping the tumor at bay enough for him to cease chemo for the time being. They are so delighted by this great news and so are we and we will continue to pray for them unceasingly!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Wild Child

Let me cut straight to the point. Wild Child. It's wild, it's playful, it's only $18. On sale this week only, from the Simmer Town Collection.



This palette is simple and predictable but I think Wild Child should be the statement piece and so I coordinated an outfit that wouldn't compete with the Glamour Band. Love the shoes!

Top - Elle
Ruffle Tank - American Eagle
Pants - Michael Kors
Purse - Karen Millen
Bangle - The Corner
Ring - Asos
Flats - Miu Miu
Platforms - Miu Miu
Shadow - Urban Decay
Lip gloss - Chanel
Polish - Dior