Tuesday, June 29, 2010


If you are a local reader check out the giveaway on Facebook for tonight's premier of Eclipse in Gilbert, az!

Fletch (& his name)

This is Fletcher, I picked him up at a thrift store to use as a prop for the website photo shoot.


This is Fletcher after his makeover. I decided to keep him since my kids are quite fond of him. Fletcher is hefty, almost twice as heavy as me actually so he won't be going anywhere soon.


Thanks for contributing your colorful personality to my studio Fletch!

I guess it would have been nice of me to include his name story...

In the thrift store I spotted the plaster lion and say "Oh, we NEED him!". I tell the nice man in the Goodwill vest that we would like to purchase him and he writes me a ticket, I pay for my statue and pull my car around to the back and the nice man installs the statue in my car which immediately sags. I still didn't appreciate his mass until I myself and another non masculine friend decide to remove him from my car on our own. "Holy fetch!!" I say as we nearly drop the friendly fellow to the concrete floor. He underwent his finely painted makeover right there behind my car where we sat him down. After his last spot was sweetly painted I knew he was gonna need a name and none came to mind except for "Holy Fetch! He's freakin heavy" but I thought Fetch was a bit profane for a name so I changed it to Fletch of Fletcher for long. I know, that was a tad long for such a boring name story. Sorry.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Plus One!

Hi! I'm Wendy the new girl here at Whippy Cake! I know what you are all thinking; "how lucky is she?!" and the answer would be VERY! Seriously I am so happy to have such a fun job AND I get to work with Becki! I will start by telling you a little about myself. I have been blissfully married for 19 yrs. Ok it hasn't always been bliss, romance and candle light, but I can honestly say that I am still in love with my Baby- Daddy! We have 5 fantastic children. Charlee is our oldest, she just graduated from HighSchool and then Stephanie, she is my 15 Year old, Emmilyn is 11, Brooklyn is 9, and last but certainly not least is our one and only son Porter, he will be 8 soon! If you ask me what one THING I am obsessed with, and can't live without, I would have to say; WATER! For the obvious reasons of course, (I know nobody can live without water) but also because it's my favorite thing to drink and when it's in it's frozen state water is also my favorite snack! My most favorite times with my Family has been at the water, whether it be at Lake Powell, the Ocean, or just laying by the pool, & O yeah, the rain, I love rain! Because I get to wear my funky cute rain boots! Enough about me, I'm sure you will get to hear more as time goes by. :)

So I am a little overwhelmed by the things I don't know how to do yet, but I' m learning more everyday. The one thing that has made the biggest impression on me so far, is my new boss-lady, miss Becki! Let me just say that she left me utterly and speechlessly in awe of her, and her freaking creative BRAINS! I was there while she was naming her new collections, and let me tell you the colorful creative juices were flowing all over the place! WOW! It was inspiring to say the least. This lady has single handedly developed Whippy Cake, and with the help of Family and a couple of friends she is making her dreams come true! I don't know if you all realize that this mommy of 2 babies, has been sewing each and every flower you order pretty much by herself! She was also the one answering all the emails, blogging, handling the Etsy shop, working 20 hours days and the list goes on and on. So of-course, her talent and fabulous style got Whippy Cake noticed by a few high profile bloggers, and viola her business literally tripled over night! Very exciting stuff, but also overwhelming. She found herself in need of immediate STAFF and that's how she came to be m new boss!

Currently we are getting the last of the orders caught up, and preparing for the Grand Opening of the new Whippy Cake website coming in July! Some of you have already spoken with me through Etsy and email, & I look forward to continuing to help you with whatever you may need. I will be checking my mail regularly and responding to your messages regularly.

HOORAY for exciting things to come!



Friday, June 25, 2010

Konad is konRAD!!!!

My adorable little nieces just introduced me to my new fav thing ever ever EVEEEER! Ok that might be taking it too far but after watching {THIS} infomercial you too will fAAAreak out!

I'm a polish junkie and I love to dabble in nail art when I have the time so you can imagine the squeaks and shrieks escaping my persons when I saw the video demonstration for konad nail art stamps. Can I please freak out a little more? I just ordered a starter kit off ebay and can't wait to debut my first Konad experience right here on my dearest blog. Just when I think the 21st century can't get any better it DOES!!!

I'm feeling the same way I did when I saw Steve Jobs announce the iPad at the WWDC Keynote. I love being a girl {and an apple addict}.

Who knew something little like this....
...could do something so fabulous like this!!!

I'm curious as to how many of you go and order a kit for yourself now. I just can't imagine not having one now that I know they exist but maybe I am a little impulsive... without the maybe part.

i heart! i heart! i heart! i heart! i heart! i heart!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's in a name?

Now that my collections have been designed, made and photographed I have been procrastinating to name each piece. To me it's almost like naming my children, I want to be absolutely in love with the names! I was so sick of the names I had carelessly chosen on the pieces in my etsy shop and couldn't wait to be rid of them! I've kept a list by my side at all times should a word pop into my mind that just had to be used. I've also bugged my friends and family to no end for their ideas. Finally after pages and pages of words I knew I could avoid no longer. Since you don't get to see what they look like until the website launches I will share a few names with you instead. Here are some favorites...

Pickle Patch (pretty sure this is already a top seller and it's not even available yet, I'm just sayin.)

Dolly Dimples

Pretty Ditty Lo Lo (gotta throw my baby girl's name in there somewhere ;)

Naked Dance

Shanty Hose

Woa now, almost couldn't stop myself from sharing the whole list. I know I don't need to say this but for PETE's SAKE I am sooooooooo excited about them! Ok, back to sewing and only sewing. We have been shipping every single day, it's crazy loco up in here people. (that means double crazy if you no speak espanol)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sneak Peak

I'm not going to show you a sneak peak of what I have been doing because it's just a big mess of sewing scraps and packaging messes but here is a sneak peak of the work Natalie has been doing for my new site. Gasp! This is a shot of "keeping time of lace". I wanna keep you in suspense so you will just have to wait for the website to see shots of the NEW pieces. It probably goes without saying but I have been working night and day EVERYDAY to get all of my orders caught up as well as prepping for the re-GRAND OPENING of Whippy Cake. I can't wait to get to play with my kids again and to be able to go to bed at the same time as my husband and of course I am excited to show off the new site and products too!

To give thanks to all you patient readers and customers I am doing something I almost NEVER do anymore which is a GIVEAWAY on The Tomkat Studio Blog. Be sure to check her blog today for the giveaway details and see if you can spot Kim wearing one of my 4th of July pieces! And if that isn't enough to make you happy I will also be posting a new BRAID tutorial.


Don't forget that my shop will be closing after tomorrow until the re-grand opening in July!

See more of Natalie's work {HERE}

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kelsey's Product of the week

As you know I am a cosmetologist and I work with many different products! I want to share with everyone one of my favorites. It's made from Bumble and Bumble and it's called Brilliantine! And I love it!! On the cover it is described as unique and gives hair sort of a languid, slept-in, sexy look and that is exactly what it does! I love to use it for keeping the frizzes down sorta like a serum. Its a styling product so you can use it when your hair is wet or dry, but I prefer when the hair is dry as a finishing product.

You can get it online HERE! I hope you like it! It is simply Brilliant.


Faded Gray Pettiskirt

I just re-listed the pettiskirt in my shop! It is still available in 3 colors and is as beautiful as ever!





Thanks for being patient while the listing was down. I hope it was worth the wait!

Friday, June 11, 2010

i braid, do you?

Here is a tutorial on how to do a variation of a reverse braid that creates a unique looking ridge along the braid. Lot's O' fun but a little bit harder than it looks.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


You have probably heard me talk about my phantom website a dozen times and I promise you it's not a myth. I have been scheming to make some changes around here and working hard of course to get everything ready for the website. Because of all the NEW changes, some re-organizing processes aaannnnndddd all of your orders I have listed some information that might answer your questions and prepare you for what is about to come!

1. Pettiskirts will be coming back to my etsy shop next week with NEW pictures and samples of the color options. If you really wanted a pettiskirt you will absolutely be able to order one by next week.

2. On June 18th I will be removing the majority of my products from my etsy shop for just a few weeks. You don't have to panic when everything is taken down or buy everything right now because I promise you it's only for a short period of time. I will also postpone all custom orders during that time period so if you have plans to custom order you will want to do so now or you can do so in July when we re-open.

3. In the first weeks of July I will kick off a count down to the launch party of the NEW Whippy Cake website. Not only will there be a NEW website but a NEW shopping cart as well with NEW collections and NEW glamour bands to chose from. The ordering process will be soooo much easier for everyone and you won't have to worry about items selling out right away. I can't wait!

4. While my shop is closed I will be finishing and shipping all current orders as well as preparing everything for the launch of the new website. The goal is to start fresh and have a re-GRAND OPENING for Whippy Cake along with giveaways, prizes, incentives and of course the unveiling of NEW product.

5. My etsy shop will be re-opened the same time as the launch of the new website and will host all of my limited edition pieces as well as your custom orders.

6. One of the other things I am the most excited about is restoring order to my life and Whippy Cake. I am working with a consultant right now to set in place policies and procedures that will assist in handling orders as well as answer basic questions about Whippy Cake and the ordering process.

7. I will continue blogging throughout these crazy changes and will also continue posting new hair tutorials and video to keep your attention while we make all of these exciting changes!

I am so exhilarated to be apart of all these new and fun changes and can't wait for things to start happening. I am so very thankful to all my readers and customers who have been so very patient with me as I have been working frantically to improve and grow Whippy Cake as well as tend to all of your orders. I have the best ladies helping me and equally amazing customers so thank you so much. It's going to be a wild ride the next few weeks and you can bet I will be documenting all the fun changes on this blog!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

She's Back

One of your favorites is back in my shop. Hooray for Blue Shuffle!!! She was sold out for a while but now she is back along with some new cuties I know you're gonna you know what... LOVE!

Blue Shuffle Vintae Confection


Le Frou Frou Vintage Confection


Lush Vintage Confection


Getchya Some!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Your wish is my command!

You guys have emailed me and asked me to do tutorials on the hair products I use and my makeup application so I did a quick video on my basic makeup regime. I almost never wear makeup every day so when I do I make sure I exfoliate and use a good moisturizer with spf. The video tells the rest. Hope it's what you wanted :)

Don't worry I will still be posting a braid video this week and a product info video will be coming soon as well.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The latest from Skye

Just look at the latest lovely shots from Skye. Couldn't you just DIE from looking at them!







Friday, June 4, 2010

Let the Braids begin

I thought I would start the month of braids off with something simple. I saw Rachel Mcadams sporting a hairstyle similar to this and I have always wanted to try it.

This is how mine turned out.



Here is how I did it...

She's so lucky....

..she's a star and she just won the Pink Chandelier giveaway! Congrats to...

Daddy's Girls!! said...

Just left a shout out at my facebook page!

Email me to claim your fabulous prize!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

You asked for it...

By popular request I just listed some 4th of July themed glamour bands in my shop. I like them very much if I do say so myself .

Freedom Glamour Band


Liberty Glamour Band


Patriot Glamour Band


***Order by June 18th to guarantee you will get it by July 4th***

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tea Time

My sister Missi is in town and we some how managed to get most of the nieces together for some pictures. The fabulous Jessica from Sierra Studios Photography did a beautiful job. She captured the girls in their element being girly and silly. It was a wild ride getting 12 little girls to participate in all the photos but it was so fun to have them all together. I can't wait to show you the group shots later...




See if you can spot the new pieces some of the girls are modeling. I will be listing them in my shop soon!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Catalyst

Remember that one time long ago when I posted my very first glamour band? It sold out in less than two weeks. I call her the catalyst because she completely changed Whippy Cake for good. I finally got my hands on the discontinued material I use to make her so guess what! She is back in my shop!

Catalyst Glamour Band


I love reunions!