Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Get your SWAG on

I have been anxiously awaiting the day to come when I could tell you about Whippy Cake Wednesday hosted by the fabulous Leelou Swag. How in the world did a girl ever become so lucky to have Leelou devote 5 weeks of features to her biz? I don't know either but it makes me happy, VERY happy!

They do things big at Leelou Swag and smother it with wit and a side fabulous, but I will send you straight over to discover for yourself.

So that others may bask in my happiness you can win free Whippy Cake product every week in December over at Leelou Swag. Starting today!

Ready set GO!

Leelou Swag

1 comment:

Jenifer said...

Becki, you are awesome! Way to go girl!