Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Christmas Wish list

This is my Christmas Wish(ful thinking) list.

1. Record Player. (Every time I go junking I find these fantastic records I NEED to have and yet nothing to play them on :(
2. An Emily Rohner bag. I will do anything for one!

3. Amarathine by Robert A. Boyd (as big as it comes)
4. the Glee soundtracks. (just the music w/ out the drama.)

5. All I can eat Thai food whenever I want for free. (Hey, it's my wish.)
6. Parenting w/ Love and Logic (I hear it breeds magic)
7. Biggest Loser for Wii (I heart Bob, maybe even enough to work out.)

8. This Electra Beach Cruiser (basket and all)
9. The Shirley Temple Collection(s)
10. for CBS to finish the 5th season of The 4400. (Seriously, there should be a law about canceling a show before the final season! punks.)

Anyways, It's a good list.


MH said...

We have the glee soundtrack and it is REALLY good!

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted a beach crusier like that, here in Italy they are very popular.