Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fox 10 News {again}

Kristin invited me to join in on the fun this morning at DB for a sneak peak at the store and the fab new layout and classes. The camera loves London :) Actually Tom (camera man) and Dianne (anchor woman) couldn't believe how sweet and quiet she was. It's always fun to be on TV especially with a bunch of fun and sassy friends. You can click here to see the clip.

{Comment if you had a chance to see it}


domestic bliss said...

woohoo becki- look at you modelicious!
Thanks so much for coming out and helping us!
You're the best!

Jenifer said...

Domestic Bliss is so super cute! I love it. you looked great, and London was so precious.

manga-artist said...

Becki , you looked soooo cute along with little miss london! I outta' say that must 'ave been very cool for you!

May Lane said...

Whoo hoo look at you Becki Boo!! Smokin!!