Saturday, June 6, 2009

Give Heart

Show up at Habit Salon TODAY {June 6th} between 9am and 5pm and find a way to donate for baby Ellery. I made these exclusive Bandaged Heart charms currently ONLY available at this fundraiser. ALL proceeds from the charms go to Ellery and her family. If you can't make it to the fundraiser you can still help by telling others about the fundraiser.
There will also be haircuts, eye brow waxing, chair massages, cupcakes in a jar, raffles, and other boutiques and jewelry there to help raise money for the family. Thanks so much!

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The McBrides said...

Hi, this is Shelley, the mom to Ellery McBride and I lOVE these charms! I was hoping that maybe I could purchase more of these from you? I know other heart baby moms that would just love to have one and my mom missed out so we are hoping to be able to get some if that's possible. Just let me know,