Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fletch (& his name)

This is Fletcher, I picked him up at a thrift store to use as a prop for the website photo shoot.


This is Fletcher after his makeover. I decided to keep him since my kids are quite fond of him. Fletcher is hefty, almost twice as heavy as me actually so he won't be going anywhere soon.


Thanks for contributing your colorful personality to my studio Fletch!

I guess it would have been nice of me to include his name story...

In the thrift store I spotted the plaster lion and say "Oh, we NEED him!". I tell the nice man in the Goodwill vest that we would like to purchase him and he writes me a ticket, I pay for my statue and pull my car around to the back and the nice man installs the statue in my car which immediately sags. I still didn't appreciate his mass until I myself and another non masculine friend decide to remove him from my car on our own. "Holy fetch!!" I say as we nearly drop the friendly fellow to the concrete floor. He underwent his finely painted makeover right there behind my car where we sat him down. After his last spot was sweetly painted I knew he was gonna need a name and none came to mind except for "Holy Fetch! He's freakin heavy" but I thought Fetch was a bit profane for a name so I changed it to Fletch of Fletcher for long. I know, that was a tad long for such a boring name story. Sorry.


Michelle said...

Love Fletcher. Tell us how you picked that name? :-)

Allison said...

Haha, SO CUTE! I love how you redid him, the spots are perfect!

*D* said...

haha great little story. and i love the paint job. so prefect. :)

Toni said...

I love it! I would have stuck with Fetch. Great story!