Saturday, February 27, 2010

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

This week was busy, crazy, stressful, ridiculous, chaotic and of course exhausting but it was also FANTASTIC. The only downer was the yucky sickies that hit me mid week. I've gone through a bag or two of cough drops and exceeded the legal dose of ibuprofen {if that were possible anyway}. I have them every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am pretty much a junky now and need to go to rehab or get on the patch at the least. {While you are reading please feel free to envision my voice sounding like a pig in labor and that I am coughing obnoxiously loud and sparodic right next to you to bring to life the reality of this post... aaaand cue coughing!}

OK ok for real now, I am too deflated to load anything more exciting to show you at the moment but I am super excited to tell you about all the awesome people I met at the events held on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I am even more excited to show off the junk in my trunk because let me tell you, I got a big 'ol booty! {as in pirate booty. Sicko!!!}

pause - I know that joke was half dumb and that the other half that was a little funny was maybe not as funny because I am guessing all 3 readers are girls and probably didn't blush when I refereed to my big booty or had false hopes/nightmares about revealing my booty ORRRRR if there is a guy reading this blog {Hi husband!} he most likely didn't know what pirate booty is, so again not funny. *frown. - unpause

So there is a lot to my booty I can't wait to share. I plan to take pictures of my whole booty from all sorts of angles {you know, for artistic effect} and then I am gonna post it online and BLOW YOUR MIND when I tell you how much my booty did not cost. Tee hee he.

OK, I am off to inhale more Ricola and hug my bOoTaY!!!

p.s. I really like the word booty. It would be the cutest nickname if it wasn't offensive. Sometimes I pretend my nickname "boo" is short for "booty". Haha. Ok, someone come over and cut me off.

The end.

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Anonymous said...

Becki you are such a goofball, it was great seeing you on Friday. Such a positive and funny person to be around and your husband and son are too cute! I wish I saw London!