Monday, March 1, 2010

Swap it like it's hot!

Oh MY did I have fun last week! {besides the sickies}

Thursday night was pleasantly busy at Jeni's boutique. I met the sweetest vendors too! One of which is only 17. I'm going to do a feature on Hannah soon because I was so impressed.

Friday night was also hoppin! I picked up this great necklace from Caravaggio and some other fabulous things also! Lots of fun!


Saturday's Shop and Swap at Fraser Field was a delight. It was my first time participating in a swap like that and it was soooo much fun! I scored this chippy, mirror organizer that is perfect for my studio. I also claimed the two vintage looking pieces you see reflected in the mirror. Swapping = trade your stuff you don't want for stuff you do want!


I met some fantastic new people including Jenny and her husband as well as Kelly from Bella Be-Jewelled who sold stunning vintage looking jewelry like this ring! It's simply hearticle!

definition of Hearticle [ha-art- i- cle] : a fabulous item or object worthy of the human hearts affection.

Hearticle things are okay to spend money on. Hearticle is fun to say out loud. You try... Fake words are cool. {not true}


excuse my man hands.

I told Jenny that twice a year is not frequent enough for swapping so hopefully she will host another Swap soon!

I did get a bunch more super great stuff but didn't want to flood the blog with images. So there you have it. Swapping at it's best.


undomestic chica said...

Looks like fun!

Jenifer said...

Lovin' the ring! Hopefully I can make it to the next Swap. It looks like so much fun!

Jenni said...

Swapping rules! and so do you. We love our talented new friend. Matt has porch swings on the brain. I love it!

lishalou said...

Hey I was there too! You're so darling! I was the one with the little dance studio (Resonate dance). Alisha Sell. Hey, I wanted to ask you how you got your facebook page to post on your blog? That's an awesome feature I'd love to had to mine! Please let me know. Also, I'd love it if you became a fan of mine (resonate dance) on facebook and followed my blog ( to help me grow! I'll follow your's too! I vote whippy cake pink! Thanks! Alisha

lishalou said...

PS Snag my button and I'll snag yours!!

(I've had trouble adding it as an HTML, but it works adding it as a text)