Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DIY Artwork

New house = enough blank canvas to last a lifetime or make you crazy. I am sure when I get everything done the way I like we will move. Truthfully, the decorating has been slow coming since I have been so busy with work but I had an idea one night and wanted to play so these are some temporary art pieces I did in a jiffy to hold me over for a while.

I just took some basic pictures with a compact digital camera {canon every time baby}. I photographed random items in the room the pictures would be placed in for duplication. {I want my guests to wig out when they think they are seeing double or going crazy. jk.}

I then proceeded to edit the photos in my beloved Photoshop to mimic a canvas painting.

This one is my favorite turn out. I enhanced each image with a grunge like filter to portray brush strokes and age. Old and grungy looking - Check.

I then ordered prints to fit the frames I had on hand {you can buy large prints for literally less than $2}. I made the mistake of ordering the prints on glossy paper... wah wah. So after I cringed at that I put them in refinished picture frames and tried arranging them different ways on the floor until I found the layout I like the most.

Then I measured and marked the wall and hung them like so...

I feel the size of the pictures are too small for that space but I also think something is better than nothing so they get to stay for now. So there you have it. Custom artwork, recycled frames and the coin purse stays fat. If you wanted something custom but not so cheap you could order your image on wrapped canvas from great places like {this}.


PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

They look beautiful!

Hannah said...

tee hee! my phone is famous! love it.