Sunday, July 4, 2010


Hi guys, it's me Wendy, Becki asked if I would like to post something today, which honestly completely terrified me, because her blog is sooo very Whippy Cake and glam, like miss Becki herself. Seriously she always looks a little glam and funky! I also know that our readers themselves have great style.

One of the reasons I love Whippy Cake's philosophy is that it lets people like me put a little glamour into my crazy busy life, a life that doesn't always feel like pretty and feminine. When I say "people like me" I mean people who enjoy being a girl but aren't as creative or have the time to create anything other than breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a Mommy but, sometimes my thoughts go a little sideways... For instance I was wondering Who the Heck ever thought of the word "LAUNDRESS"? Someone, no doubt, who was sick of it! Sick of that chore that always seems to be pushed to the bottom of the list, probably because its hidden away in its very own room. Someone who wanted it to sound romantic like the word PrinCESS or DuchESS with long, flowing tressESSSS... Someone who is waiting for her Prince Charming to come rescue her, take her to his well-furnished Castle, with beautiful gardens, and an indoor/outdoor Pool, not a whuurl-pool! You might be wondering if I have lost my mind, if I'm as nutso as the lady in the ad. No, it was a thought that went through my tired brain as I perused my closet one morning not so long ago.... Ok you know that you are completely sick of the never-ending, ever multiplying task of Laundry when you go into your closet and actually think:"what shirt can I wear today, and then throw away when I get it dirty?" Now I would never do that... I am Earth conscious.. Still that very thought went through my mind. Could it be that the minute any of my 5 children, (4 of which, are girls) take off their barely worn jeans, and tops they throw it into that pile, that pile that breeds.. Or it could just be that 7 people live in this home, and they all wear clothes every-day! Oh yes and school was still in session. You know how when your kids are going to school everyday, you want the teachers to know they do have a wonderful and fashionable Mommy at home;), and then you put them in their play rags as soon as they walk in the door. YEP, Summer laundry is definitely more desirable.

Anyway my point is, that the word "Laundress" is LAME! And disposable biodegradable clothes would be AWESOME! Can I get an AaaaMEN!

Thank goodness for Whippy Cake.


Karla said...

LOVE this post Wendy!!! AMEN! you are very creative. Can't wait to own my own Whippy Cake headband. I will be patient!

Trina said...

I hear ya! I have four kids, and can't stand laundry. It often sits in my dryer for days,and rarely do I ever feel motivated to actually do any laundry until everyone in the house has ran out of clean underwear? (is it wrong to ask them to turn the dirty ones inside out?) I know, gross! But I HATE LAUNDRY? I think almost daily about throwing it all away and starting over, but that may not be quite so financially friendly (remember, 4 kids + 2 adults = 6 people) anyway, this is my long way of saying AaaaMEN!

Molly said...

Ha, ha, Amen sista! Although, I will say I don't totally mind laundry - especially when it all gets done and the laundry room is clean - that usually happens at about midnight once a week, only to have it a mess within 24 hours... It never will end will it? And I guess as my kids (all under 7) get bigger, so will the pile of clothes! Shoot, why did you have to remind me??? Very cute post!

Toni said...

Ha! I love that post!!! You are so right about laundry. It's my most DREADED chore!!!

Tracie and Jessica said...

Aaaaamen! Seriously hate laundry and biodegradable clothes would be AWESOME!