Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Haircut

I took a risk and cut my hair! Do you like it?


Ok. so I didn't really cut it, it's just in a ponytail. I wish I could go that short but the husband no likey and he no talky to me if I were to cut it that short but a girl can dream.

In other (honest) exciting news my little Lo Lo transitioned into her big bed! Yay! No more sleeping in a pack'n'play in her closet. ( She slept in her closet because it's huge and it is much darker in there, not because we are mean parents.) It's hard to let them grow up (as if I had a choice) but it's exciting to see her mature and become independent. She is going to be the sweetest big sister ever... as soon as the husband gives the ok that is. Anyways, I snapped this picture on my phone when I went to check on her this morning. I could just eat her up!


ps. they are now starting on the finishing touches on the website so not too much longer. We will be announcing the details on the count down and giveaways as soon as we have a specific date! Eeik!


Michelle said...

Your hair is cute, even if it's a faux-cut.

And SHE is just about the CUTEST thing EVER!!! How do you get anything done around there? I'd be snuggling her up all day!

Mrs. Blimes said...

Adorable! She is precious, I can not imagine my lil man sleeping in a big boy bed. (sniffle)

Anywho, you could totes ROCK a short hair style. Just sayin.

:0) Can't wait for the dot com!

Painter's Place said...

Luv your hair and the hairband!! Your daughter is sooo precious. It is hard to let them grow up. My son is 22 and I still wish he was little again. I miss those days!

Stephanie Rose said...

Last Tuesday I cut 13 inches off to donate to Locks of Love. This has left me with a choppy, uneven, shag-type-style. I love it, but I have NO CLUE how to style short hair..considering my hair has been long enough to cover my chest for the past 3 years. Any suggestions??? You always show such CUTE hair ideas.

S.A. McDonnell said...

I love short hair. I cut mine off 10 years ago and I haven't regretted it.
I did go shorter than you tricked us into believing once. I didn't like it that short. Neither did my husband.
He asks me to grow it long (he's only seen it long and blonde in pics), but that AIN'T happening. LOL!
Oh, and no worries. Liam slept in a closet when he was a baby too.

Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

Ok, I HAVE to know where you got that BED!!!??? GORGEOUS!!! (And you would be gorgeous bald, I swear, girl.)

Anonymous said...

I could eat her up too! So cute!

Martha said...

Oh, I hear you..."letting" them grow up is bittersweet!

I love the headboard! Where does one find something like that? SO cute!

Merci New York said...

How cute! I WISH i knew how to do that faux cut well! It looks great on you!

Lorena M said...

How old is she? I still have my son 2 years old in his crib because I am in denial that he is growing. Your hair looks cute short even if it's pretend, but my husband wouldn't talk to me if I cut it short either, sigh. So excited and waiting for your new website.

Our Young Family said...

I love your website and LOVE LOVE that bed can you please tell me where you found it??