Friday, August 27, 2010

26 things on my to do list

Tomorrow I turn 26. Ouch. I liked being 16 where my biggest concern was of course boys. Oh well, I suppose I should grow up. Tomorrow is my birthday and it came out of no where. I dreamed of all the things I would do for other people on my birthday but I don't think I have enough time to cure cancer or solve world hunger. So I will be focusing on the little things I can do. My Biggest concern is getting other people involved. Are you planning something kind? I hope you all do, but not just for my birthday or because I'm asking you too, but because I want that happiness to fill your hearts that always comes after being kind to others. That will be the best part about tomorrow, knowing that individuals everywhere will be feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Like {this} commercial or {this} and {this} one. Hope those give you some ideas. I've always felt like the smallest deeds speak the loudest. And the best part is you never know if you'll change someones day, week, year or life even! I expect this will be the best birthday for me ever. Can't wait!


Christie said...

Happy Birthday! I've been following your blog for a while and love your stuff!

I wanted to tell you about an awesome website that allows you to really be able to do something big for someone else on your birthday!

Go to This website is knew so be patient it's supposed to be getting faster very soon. You pick your cause and instead of asking for gift by others for your birthday, you get to have them donate toward whatever you want to benefit! It can be any charity or any cause you want! Just thought you would be interested to know about it with what your post says!

Have a wonderful celebration tomorrow!

Jeni @ said...

Happy birthday Ms Wipppy! Kindness is a beautiful gift to give. Thanks for the inspiration.

Joanna said...

Happy birthday! I hope you have a great one filled with tons of surprises and happiness. :)

S.A. McDonnell said...

26 ... I'll be 27 tomorrow. And I don't get to do 27 random acts of kindness. I get to fly on a plane to Phoenix. Sounds so selfish. But in my ambition to join you, Becki, I will do exactly as it says: RANDOM acts of kindess. If an opportunity presents itself, I will take it. Maybe I'll make it to 27, maybe I'll surpass that.
Happy birthday, love.

Debbie said...

you are a beautiful young lady! Enjoy the journey. You are talented!

Debbie in Alaska<3

Tricia said...
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Tricia said...

It was my 26th birthday this week as well. While I didn't do 26 random acts of kindness, yesterday I helped grant a wish for a little boy through the Make-A-Wish foundation... it was the most inspiring project I've ever worked on!

Happy birthday!

Blush Envy said...

I hope you have the happiest of birthdays! It sounds like the perfect way to celebrate!