Thursday, August 12, 2010

Be KIND, and Smile....

Random Acts Of Kindness can take very little time and cost you absolutely nothing!

Have you ever noticed that you can change the tone in the room if you walk in smiling, you know what I'm talkin about; actually making eye contact and then flashing a genuine smile.

I have noticed! I recently had the opportunity to visit NYC, it was amazing and the people were so good to us. I had a Subway pass and we road the train most places, rarely taking a cab. What I noticed about the local people is that they would keep their eyes down, careful not to strike up unwanted conversation with a some dorky tourist, (like me). But I decided that I was going to make it my mission to get every person who made eye contact with me to smile...( much to the dis~comfort of my SUPER COOL cousin Barton, who calls New York his home.) He started sitting a little further away from my girlfriend and I, and would play Plants verses Zombies on his iPhone. Anyway, I really did succeed at getting almost every person who had the good FORTUNE of looking my way to smile... And I am pretty sure it made their day a little brighter, which in turn hopefully affected others that they encountered. the one thing I know for sure is it made my day better!!! It was so exciting when someone with a grump face would smile back at me. :)

Becki is going to start her own ROAK's in honour of her upcoming Birthday. This is just a small and easy way to celebrate with her!

Try it this week, if you encounter someone, anyone, especially some tired soul who is being grumpy or rude, just give them your most fabulous smile, I promise it will change their attitude, even if they refuse to show it to you, it WILL affect how they treat themselves and others.

And you will definitely be making your own day better!

You can't lose!

Be kind and SMILE!


Morgan said...

What a great way to celebrate your birthday! It is such an easy and great thing to do!

S.A. McDonnell said...

One thing I like to do if I'm at the store is, if I see en elderly person (man or woman), pregnant woman, etc. pushing a cart or even already unloading their groceries, offer to help them.
I notice that grocery store clerks don't really ask if you need help out anymore. Not unless you've purchased a giant television and need a special cart to fit the thing onto. In which case, they always ask "You got that?" once they've loaded it onto the cart.
So I try to be aware of that at the checkout or in the parking lot.

Lucky's Luna said...

That's awesome! I'm very shy so sometimes its hard to be friendly but reading this is very encouraging.

Toni said...

That's a dangerous thing...smiling at people on the NYC subway. But couldn't be a fun, ego-boost as well. Like, if some New Jersey Shore type boys tell you that you smell good and you are cute too. That'll make your day! All because of a smile....

hendywow said...

Yeah, that did make my day....hmmmmmm:) even though I am old enough To their Mommy.