Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This Handsome guy is Davis Cox.... He is your average Sports-crazed Boy, totally active and super good looking! Last March Davis contracted a virus, which resulted in Aplastic Anemia. You can read more HERE about what the last six months has been like for Davis and his Family while living with this very rare disease. The disease compromises your immune system, and does make everyday activities dangerous. So basically it has completely changed all of their lives! But it hasn't gotten them down.

What has totally impressed us about Davis's story is his up-beat attitude! He is one amazing young Man! You can read his very own inspirational words here.

The Cox Family has been over-whelmed by community support, and attribute being able to cope better with this difficult trial to all who have helped. We love all the examples of individuals who are doing what they can to help.

When Becki told me to take a look at this story that she originally read about on Leelou Blogs, I was seriously struck by the fact that Davis is so close in age to my young Nephew who is also struggling with Aplastic Anemia. We just want to help!

We feel so strongly that we can all make a difference. Just saying a little Prayer is something we ALL can do, and it doesn't cost us a thing. I myself have recently been trying to come up with ways to get the word out about this disease. AWARENESS is what we really need, which will encourage more funding for research, and hopefully a cure someday. So please, in this instance we want you to be a BIG-MOUTH, COPYCAT, and spread the Word!!!

Please go check out fund-raising opportunities at Distance for Davis and help this sweet family! If you don't live in Utah but would still love to help, you can make donations through his website. Feel free to post about Davis to help get the word out. Davis and his family need our help. If you'd like to participate in a fundraiser, please check those out soon as most of them are happening this week! Thank you so much!

If the smallest things make a BIG difference.

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Jamie said...

It breaks my heart when I hear about things like this. Kids are meant to run and play and have fun and when something like this takes that away from them, it seems so unfair. There is a little girl where I live that we are supporting and donating towards because she has a form of leukemia called Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia. We are doing many fundraisers for her, but I will be thinking of Davis and adding him to my prayers at night. Please keep us posted about how he is doing!