Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brooke J. says...

I very much LOVE and appreciate all the sweet and enthusiastic emails I get from my customers and I am hyper anxious to share them with everyone so here is the first of many...

"I got my headband in the mail today and I don't think I could possibly love
it anymore! I'm already planning every possible outfit around it! I'm going
to Vegas this weekend and can't wait to rock it! I don't have a huge blog
following, but I'll be sure to share the Whippy Cake love on it! Seriously
to D-I-E for! Thanks so much!

Your new best friend,"
Brooke Jensen

Thanks Brooke, you adorable cutie! And THANKS for the shout out on you blog too!

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CASA BRASI said...

That's really nice! I believe in thank you's. I bought a necklace from you that I really love. It's perfect!