Thursday, April 22, 2010

DIY dork art (I mean pop art)

This project originated from the glasses. I found them, LOVED them, and wanted to share them. So I sat down to take some pictures of me wearing them so I could post them on the blog for you to see. AND THEN, as I was sitting there staring back at myself, my inner peculiar breed of dork let loose and I went a little over board. So there I was dorkin it up when I had the idea to turn my dork art into POP art. If pop art is your thing this is incredibly fast and easy.

All I did is crop all the images I wanted so they were all the same shape and size. Then in photoshop I laid them out in rows of 3 and flatten the images into 1 single layer.


I posterizes the image at a 5. After that I changed the color hue to a different color several times saving a copy of each color. Then I cut and pasted the shots I wanted and arranged them in different colors on one NEW image and again flattened the layers into 1 single image.


And finally I used crosshatch in the filter gallery to make the pictures look like they were painted. I love the filter gallery because you can adjust the intensity of the filter which is so much fun to play with. The more knowledge you have in photoshop the easier this is but either way I hope you enjoyed it. I don't plan on using this one of me in my house but I do want to make one of Kingston for his neglected room. Ya dig?


{I think I need to blow up one of the originals to a life size copy for Bret so he can admire the dork that shines in me, SUPERSTAR!}


Tyson and Stefanie Hyer said...

I love that idea! It looks really great, yes, even the pictures of you with those glasses... definitly should be a work of art in some gallery!

Stephanie said...

Oh, Becki, I love you so! What a pleasure it is to have known you all these years!

Anonymous said...

I like this alot....really have to get myself a good laptop camera.

Kari said...

So cute!