Thursday, April 8, 2010


This is what I did yesterday. That's what I call "A lot 'O packages".


I am happy to send them away ;)


Tomorrow I will post new pictures of new items and maybe tell a joke. I still have tons of orders to get to and other fun top secret whippy cake projects to work on and events to get ready for. No promises on the joke, now I am feeling pressure, we'll see.


Juli said...

ohhh...i think that i see mine in that bag! Thanks so much!

Shannon said...

Am I a huge dork butt for looking to see if I could see my addy on one of those packages??? Can't WAIT!

sam c. said...

i'm thinking mine is in there too!!!

Holly said...

I know this is ridiculous but where did you have your labels made? I have been looking for custom labels that are cute- and your are amazing! If you wouldnt mind sharing I would love to create my own!