Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tell me about it Tanya...

Tanya is the best kind of customer to have because her positive attitude just leaps right out of her emails and shakes you by the shoulders! Her enthusiasm for Whippy Cake is unmistakable even in an email. She was the lucky winner from the giveaway on Better After and this was the email I received from her that day...

"Hey Becki! I'm taking a break in the middle of my happy dance to let you
know that I'm the giveaway winner from BetterAfter! (Take that Monday!!!)
Just let me know what I need to do! And thanks so much! ....back to happy


This is the second fun email I got from Tanya and it was equally as peppy and flattering as the first, so of course I'm a huge fan of her emails now.

"Is it sick that I'm already planning outfits to rock with my glamour band?
I just like to say it...glamour band. Its one of those words that the more
times you say it, the stranger it sounds. I'm sure you probably say it 100
times a day because you made it. I'm in lust with the pink orange and yellow
glamour band {HERE} and from what I understand they can be swapped out!? Holy moley! I'm excited. I didn't see any more of those ones in the etsy shop though.

My mailman is now going to think I'm stalking him!

Thanks again!

She was also kind enough to send a few shots of her wearing her glamour band with her kids. Adorable!

I love getting these emails and updates from my customers. Keep 'em coming ladies :)

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