Tuesday, August 31, 2010

26 Reasons I feel Happy!

This year was hands down the most beautiful, happy, memorable and easily the most exhausting birthday I've ever had and I hope to never forget it. It went a little something like this:

1. Started the day off with a 26% OFF special at whippycake.com

2. Woke up early (on a Saturday!!!) so I could actually shower, which in and of itself was a random act of kindness towards my bed buddy (showers are a special occasion for me, gross but true). Then I made supreme pancakes with fresh strawberries, whip cream, bacon and eggs. I almost never make breakfast so even though it was second breakfast for everyone in the house I'm hoping they enjoyed it because I made so much they had to eat it for lunch too.

3. I dropped off some cupcakes and a card at my post office for all my guys who have my back and treat me well. They call me "whippy" or "whippy cakes" so that's why they got cupcakes.They probably get sick of seeing me several times every week but I'm not going anywhere.

4. I purchased a book of stamps while at the post office and asked the clerk to give them to a random customer with a card full of my best wishes.

5. I hit up Costco and loaded up on Dr. Pepper, Red Vines, Gum, and fresh chips and salsa and took them to my community fire department with my pocket full of sunshine, Miss Jessi. The plan was to leave them at the front desk or something but I guess they don't have a front desk. Instead we were greeted by a pack of dudes who were bored on a slow day. They were fired up about the GINO load of gum and then I pretty much imploded inside when they offered to give us a grand tour. I'd never been to a fire department orrrr seen a fire truck up close so it was unexpected and beyond super awesome! I learned so much about what they do and how much they sacrifice so I promised myself to devote a super post to them later with all the juice.


6. Delivered flowers to someone brave who I admire.

7. Placed cards with happy wishes and tidings full of sunshine on random cars throughout the day.

8. Delivered crayons, markers colored pencils, notebooks, bubbles, giant toy balls, play dough, jelly bracelets and Glamour Bands to the pediatric unit at Mercy Gilbert Hospital. They have a special closet where the mini patience get to pick out something special after they have a painful procedure done. I learned that they always need donations wink* wink*.


9. Skipped on up to Labor and Delivery on the 3rd floor of Mercy Gilbert and donated 20 more unique Glamour Bands for the newborn babies and the mommies. Stopped and stared at the newborns through the window for 5 minutes. Then realized the boy babies got screwed and I am feeling really guilty about that so I promise to go back with something great for them. (special thanks to Jessi and Carli for helping me whip out so many Glamour Bands on Saturday.)


10. Purchased 2 dozen roses and had the nurses give them away to the particularly lonely patients in the ICU.

11. Dropped off a Thank You card and candy bars to Richard my go to Business Banker who saves my life on a weekly basis.

12. Dropped off bulk bag of dog treats to the Healing Hearts & Animal Sanctuary with a tray of cupcakes for the volunteers.

13. Purchased gift cards to Circle-K and Little Caesars Pizza with a thank you card for the LDS Missionaries.

14. Purchased movie tickets, popcorn and candy for a deserving couple.

15. Dropped off a MONDO apple pie at the Urgent Care that frequently treats my children.

16. Arranged for my sister Aubrey to purchased man food (soda, beef jerky and candy bars) for her husband to take to work at the police station he works for. (I never was a positive influence for healthy nutrition).

17. Made a silly video for my twin brother to show him how much I miss not spending our birthday together like we should. Brad on a Stick is the next best thing I suppose.


18. Took my kids to the seminary building by my house and had them pass out candy bars to a class of teenagers. I also passed out blank cards to them and requested they do a random act of kindness for someone who could use a happy moment. Brother Goodman was the happiest teacher I've ever met and I wanted to sit right down and join his class.

19. Took a box of ice cold bottles of Gatorade to a group of construction workers by my house.

20. Purchased 26 balloons and walked around the store with a "Free Balloons" sign and gave one to every child we saw. Photobucket

21. Purchased a $10 Circle-K and asked the clerk to give it to a future customer.

22. Bought Panda Express for the person behind me in the drive through line.

23. Saw two police cars at Chick Fil A so I pulled over and purchased two gift cards and had the clerk hand them to the two gentlemen after I left. (got a soft spot for the officers because I'm a bug fan of my Bro. In Law who is on the force as well, they totally don't make as much as they should!)

24. Learned how to send care packages to our military troops through AnySoldier.com. Mine includes new poker cards, card games and poker chips as well as hygiene products and of course letters of appreciation. The site runs by 110% volunteer work and makes it easy to find troops by where they are located, what they need and how recently they have received care packages. You get to read letters from them as well. I am super excited I found the site and can't wait to become a regular sponsor.

25. Put together a Whippy Cake package for my pediatrician because she is as cute and sweet as they come and she gives my kids the best care I could ask for.

26. This one is a top secret and sensitive endeavor that will be revealed at a later date but I promise it will be rewarding to all of us and worth the wait.


So that's it, kind of wish I was older because that doesn't seem like very much but here are some things I learned:

- The weekends make it harder to serve the public, like teachers, construction workers etc.

- Call ahead if and when possible.

- The bigger your posse of do gooders the more you can get done.

- don't leave chocolate in your car in AZ for more than a minute.

- Explaining why you would like the clerk to give x, y or z to the next random customer always sounds awkward and a little crazy no matter how many times you try it or how you word it.

- Anonymous giving is my FAVORITE!

- A day of RAOK will induce a coma on anyone.

- I am not and should never be a film maker. Ever.

- All the businesses around us and their employees do not get the appreciation they deserve.

- Krispy Kreme closes at 9:55pm not 10pm like they tell you on the phone and no amount of begging or pouting through the window will get them to open up.

- It's ok to have a bad hair day on your birthday.

- Family, friends and neighbors are awesome, especially awesome to serve and celebrate with!

- Most importantly, and I really mean this, the act of kindness doesn't and shouldn't need to be a special occasion. I couldn't believe the feelings I felt from just ONE day of service and I am embarrassed I don't take advantage of opportunities more frequently. I could be even more happy than I already am so why wouldn't I?!?!

-I was also painfully aware of how often others' kind deeds towards me go unnoticed and that I also fail to really share and express my appreciation to those who help and serve me. It definitely didn't feel good during the instances where my deeds were pushed aside or went unnoticed so I want to be vividly aware of others needs and deeds around me from now on.

- I missed my twin :(

Monday, August 30, 2010

Butter Bean


Butter Bean is from the Gleam & Sugar Collection. Butter Bean was made for the romantic and she absolutely makes you fall in love with her. This week Butter Bean is on sale for $15, which makes the attraction that much stronger. I put together a palette of apparel and accessories that I think will compliment Butter Bean very sweetly. I also think this look would be fun with a pop of color like sea foam earrings!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Make a wish!

I hope you wished for 26% off your entire Whippy Cake purchase today because that's what you're getting! To kick off my 26 random acts of kindness I am offering 26% off ALL orders today on my birthday. So load up your cart and use "RAOK" as your promo code to receive the discount. Eat some cake if you get the chance too!

Promo code valid at WhippyCake.com only.



Friday, August 27, 2010

26 things on my to do list

Tomorrow I turn 26. Ouch. I liked being 16 where my biggest concern was of course boys. Oh well, I suppose I should grow up. Tomorrow is my birthday and it came out of no where. I dreamed of all the things I would do for other people on my birthday but I don't think I have enough time to cure cancer or solve world hunger. So I will be focusing on the little things I can do. My Biggest concern is getting other people involved. Are you planning something kind? I hope you all do, but not just for my birthday or because I'm asking you too, but because I want that happiness to fill your hearts that always comes after being kind to others. That will be the best part about tomorrow, knowing that individuals everywhere will be feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Like {this} commercial or {this} and {this} one. Hope those give you some ideas. I've always felt like the smallest deeds speak the loudest. And the best part is you never know if you'll change someones day, week, year or life even! I expect this will be the best birthday for me ever. Can't wait!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Happy Site and Sound

Sometimes I can't get enough of Kina so I watch this video over and over again. It's amazing.

If you have a few hours to blow spend some time listening to all of her fabulous covers on YouTube. Mad talent.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Something Fishy

OK not as fishy as it is whimsical but alas a hair tutorial! The first time you can gawk at the model Sierra but the second time be sure to actually watch the tutorial.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Animal

Meet The Animal! This was a failed attempt at creativity from years ago. Who knows what inspired me to destroy this car (with the owners permission of course). I mean the poor car never saw it coming. Luckily for the things around me I don't touch spray paint very often anymore, except for my dog, this dog I mean...


This dog had it coming though I promise. Anyways, it's a good thing I gave up my talent with spray paint or maybe I would be selling painted car parts that velcro on headbands instead.

I'm just saying.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Kitschy Cabaret


Kitschy kitschy yah ya ah ahhh. Is that a song? I don't know, but I love to say "kitschy"!

Kitschy Cabaret is from the Haute and Saucy Collection and is on sale this week for $15. It's made from black lace, black floral print and black and white hounds-tooth material then adorned with sparkling black and gold chunky buttons. Whenever I wear it I feel like singing "All that Jazz" not that I even know the words but it sure does make me feel spicy. It will pair perfectly with something from White House/Black Market or Banana republic. I think it looks very classy but also saucy if you know what I mean.

image from Banana Republic

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Ugly Truth

Well, I know my blog has been a big let down as of late. I feel like a big disappointment. The truth of it is Whippy Cake is kicking my trash. It owns me and almost every minute of my spare time. I hate saying that because I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me and I especially don't want anyone to think I am seeking pity but I also feel like I should shed a little light on reality. Owning a business is tough stuff. There is so much to it that any one person could ever handle alone. I have hired the best people I know to help out and I still feel like I can't get ahead of the game. I've been feeling a little defeated lately. Normally I have a "I can do anything" attitude but recently it's been more of a "Just get through today" attitude. You can't possibly know how hard it is for me to admit that, especially on the world wide web but I have thought about it long and hard and I think that it's important for people to know the icky stuff too. I'm constantly asked "How do you do it?" and inside I say to myself "I'm not, I don't, I can't". If anyone has the idea that my life is 100% glamorous all the time then I hope this post isn't too disappointing.

It's not that work has piled higher than usual, I think I'm just running out of steam. I think people do that every now and then. I'm hoping any day now my Super Woman complex will return to me and I will have the devotion and energy to handle everything with my "I'm gonna Kick Ass" attitude I usually adopt. In the mean time I apologize for my particularly unpleasant personality and lack of energy.

Again, I don't mean to be a pessimist or a dolly downer. I just thought you should know that even the girl behind Whippy Cake has her ups and downs every once in a while. Being under the weather hasn't helped either but prayer is always uplifting and I do have the best people around me and the sweetest kisses from Miss Messes and Mr. Karate Chop. The good news is it has been a really REALLY long time since I felt like this and that makes me feel blessed, plus I was probably long over due for negative bout. I'm looking forward to a bright return with the long awaited video tutorials and a giveaway from a new vendor you will ALL freak over.

ps. I don't usually say ass, I must be feeling unusually rebellious today. Sorry 'bout that.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A new week, a new deal


This week I am featuring Funundrum. This applique is a conundrum of FUN hence the name! It's on sale for $14 this week which makes it even more fun don't ya think? I'm particularly fond of Funundrum because it easily goes with just about any bright and colorful ensemble. It's an eclectic mixture of colors and prints and it will enhance just about any playful look. The gumball buttons make it fit perfectly into the Caught on Candy collection. It's made with canary yellow, kelly green, white and coral materials. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Be KIND, and Smile....

Random Acts Of Kindness can take very little time and cost you absolutely nothing!

Have you ever noticed that you can change the tone in the room if you walk in smiling, you know what I'm talkin about; actually making eye contact and then flashing a genuine smile.

I have noticed! I recently had the opportunity to visit NYC, it was amazing and the people were so good to us. I had a Subway pass and we road the train most places, rarely taking a cab. What I noticed about the local people is that they would keep their eyes down, careful not to strike up unwanted conversation with a some dorky tourist, (like me). But I decided that I was going to make it my mission to get every person who made eye contact with me to smile...( much to the dis~comfort of my SUPER COOL cousin Barton, who calls New York his home.) He started sitting a little further away from my girlfriend and I, and would play Plants verses Zombies on his iPhone. Anyway, I really did succeed at getting almost every person who had the good FORTUNE of looking my way to smile... And I am pretty sure it made their day a little brighter, which in turn hopefully affected others that they encountered. the one thing I know for sure is it made my day better!!! It was so exciting when someone with a grump face would smile back at me. :)

Becki is going to start her own ROAK's in honour of her upcoming Birthday. This is just a small and easy way to celebrate with her!

Try it this week, if you encounter someone, anyone, especially some tired soul who is being grumpy or rude, just give them your most fabulous smile, I promise it will change their attitude, even if they refuse to show it to you, it WILL affect how they treat themselves and others.

And you will definitely be making your own day better!

You can't lose!

Be kind and SMILE!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When I get clicking

You're probably aware by now that I get a little carried away with YouTube videos some times. I can't really help it. If you have a computer and high speed internet it's almost impossible to avoid them. They are EVERYWHERE man! So I pass along my favorites. Some are funny, some are weird, some are sad, and some are inspiration. It being my birthday month and all I want to try and focus a little more on the inspirational videos to get you in the RAOK mood. So I was clicking along all these great and inspirational videos I plan to post this month when I came across the following video.

I'm a baby because I cry every single time. It's so disturbing but so true. The thing with this video though is it doesn't just apply to parents. Anyone can be an influence on a child whether it's good or bad. It really makes me think that it's not just about not being a bad influence but how we can really show them just how good/kind they can be. I know this blog is expected to be about accessories, hair tutorials and other light mellow fun stuff but sometimes I gotta include a little bit about what's really important otherwise I lose sight of it myself. "Children See. Children do." Is one of the best tag lines ever. I'm having it tattooed to my brain as I type. Hope it gets your wheels a turning.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Jail Bait

Over the next 46 weeks or so from now on I will be featuring a different applique each Monday. I'll share about how I came up with the names, what I would wear it with and The featured applique will be on sale that week starting with:

Jail Bait

I will keep it short and simple for today. Pretty much can't go wrong with this piece. It's the perfect pop of color to compliment your black or gray outfit or it's the perfect way to add some maturity to a baby blue ensemble. The light blue is translucent and shimmery and it's paired with tiny black jail stripes and a gray cheetah print material. I love jail stripes! I want them on my clothes, in my hair, on my walls and of course on my website. I named it Jail Bait because it should be illegal to look this good.

Purchase Jail Bait this week for just $15


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hooray! Be a DO~GOODER!!!

I have to admit that when we didn't recieve any feed-back on our Post about Davis Cox, we were a little bummed, especially after last week with our giveways. We kind of got used to all of your happy chatter!

But, I should have known better! we have too many incredible Peeps who stop by, someone was bound to do something AMAZING!!!

Amy from the Pink Bow Bath Boutique was inspired by our earlier POST about Davis... Amy contacted Davis's Family and and with their blessing she has agreed to donate 100% from her newest venture, Stella & Dot jewelry. Now through August 14th, all orders placed online through her personal website, using the hostess name "Davis Cox" she will have all proceeds donated. Additionally, any local people that contact Amy in the next week at; stylistamyruble@gmail.com , and would like to do an in home Stella & Dot trunk show, she will happily donate $25 to the Cox family. WOW!! so awesome... Stella & Dot have lot's of fabulous things to choose from! So everybody wins! Please go check this out, you won't be disappointed!

It feels so good, to DO good!

Friday, August 6, 2010

One of these days

One of these days I will take my kids to the movies.

One of these days I will kiss my husband for like an hour.

One of these days I will take a vacation.

One of these days I will get pedicure.

One of these days I really will quit Dr. Pepper.

One of these days I will go to bed before midnight.

One of these days I will potty train my 2yo.

One of these days I will kidnap my twin from Utah.

One of these days it will be my birthday.

One of these days it will be my anniversary.

One of these days I will deep clean my whole house.

One of these days I will organize my studio and make it pretty.

One of these days I will make another baby.

One of these days I will plan a schedule.

One of these days I will re-open my Etsy Shop.

One of these days I will post a hair tutorial.

One of these days I will paint something new for my studio.


...but not today.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I'm gonna learn the jerk today.

The reject is my favorite but I guess I can't be a jerk till I learn all 4?

You're a jerk, you're a jerk. It's so fun to sing!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This Handsome guy is Davis Cox.... He is your average Sports-crazed Boy, totally active and super good looking! Last March Davis contracted a virus, which resulted in Aplastic Anemia. You can read more HERE about what the last six months has been like for Davis and his Family while living with this very rare disease. The disease compromises your immune system, and does make everyday activities dangerous. So basically it has completely changed all of their lives! But it hasn't gotten them down.

What has totally impressed us about Davis's story is his up-beat attitude! He is one amazing young Man! You can read his very own inspirational words here.

The Cox Family has been over-whelmed by community support, and attribute being able to cope better with this difficult trial to all who have helped. We love all the examples of individuals who are doing what they can to help.

When Becki told me to take a look at this story that she originally read about on Leelou Blogs, I was seriously struck by the fact that Davis is so close in age to my young Nephew who is also struggling with Aplastic Anemia. We just want to help!

We feel so strongly that we can all make a difference. Just saying a little Prayer is something we ALL can do, and it doesn't cost us a thing. I myself have recently been trying to come up with ways to get the word out about this disease. AWARENESS is what we really need, which will encourage more funding for research, and hopefully a cure someday. So please, in this instance we want you to be a BIG-MOUTH, COPYCAT, and spread the Word!!!

Please go check out fund-raising opportunities at Distance for Davis and help this sweet family! If you don't live in Utah but would still love to help, you can make donations through his website. Feel free to post about Davis to help get the word out. Davis and his family need our help. If you'd like to participate in a fundraiser, please check those out soon as most of them are happening this week! Thank you so much!

If the smallest things make a BIG difference.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hello Winners, Hello August

I'm pretty jazzed about starting August ladies!

a) because that means my website is done and my store is open, b) it's my anniversary month and c) because it's my birthday month and I am so excited for my RAOK birthday plans. I'm so anxious to really put my heart into the true RAOK spirit. Might as well start it off right by giving away a gino load of FREE stuff to all of you awesome people out there who entered our giveaways. I hope you liked our sponsors and their super great prizes. The following are the randomly selected winners of our week long madhouse giveaways.

The Winners of the Cantaloupe Corner Whippy Cake logo ink-free shirts are:

Karla said...
I have 2 cute adorable boys who would look so adorable in those T-shirts! If I win I will even forward a picture of them wearing them.
Ellie said...
I'm a follower of both your blog and Cantaloupe Corner's blog. What I love about Cantaloupe Corner is that her designs are ink free. One of my favorites is the
Birdcage - Baby bodysuit / creeper design!

The Lolly Jane winners are:

Samantha said...
I LOVE Lolly Janes style!! Everything is so so cute! And I'm a huge fan of buying cheap, used furniture and making it beautiful!


Kort and Amy said...
L.O.V.E. the pink jar. It would look perfect in my daughters room!

The Polka Dot Posh winners are:

Mama Nut said...
I love how everything polka dot posh makes doesn't look handmade, her crochet work is breathtaking.. if only mine were that good :) I 'Like' Whippey Cake & Polka Dot Posh on Facebook!
aliimberi said...
Already a fan of whippycake blog and fb. Now both of yours too! I love the teddy hat! And the one with the buttons??? Must have!

Winners of The TomKat Studio are:

Amanda said...
I love TomKat Studio because she is sooo inspiring! She posts the cutest party ideas, designs, how to's, and links to the best sites and etsy shops. What more could you ask for? :) All the photos are to die for, what little boy or girl wouldn't be happy with these parties?


Wendy said...
I linked Whippy Cake to my FB page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=651437043

Winner of the Hopsotch Kids water colors is:

Whitney & McKayla said...
I LOVE that the products don't have the icky smell of regular nail polish.

The Chateau Couture winners are:

Jourdan McLaws said...
My, name is Jourdan, I have been silently following your blog for a while, telling my friend and family about your product. But I cannot keep quite any longer because I am deeply in love with Shayce's products as well as Whippy Cakes. Shayce's sense of style, texture and use of color makes her products seem like something you would find in a sweet dream. I have posted a link to Whippy Cake and chateau couture on my blog (bowtastyquoi.blogspot.com) I hope I win! Thanks Whippy Cake!


Jessi said...
Happy Birthday Blondie

Winners for The Pink Chandelier charms:

Heather said...
I recognize that pretty face-isn't that your friend that had the Birthday?

I now follow her blog and FB!
I follow Whippy cake everywhere possible:-)

I love how the charms are interchangeable! The first whippy cake charm is my favorite...I also love the silver initials and the fleur de lis!

Amy Watts said...
I want the Eiffel Tower one- how cute!

I am following both blogs, and I blogged about it too.


*Katie May* said...
awesome! I am following her fb and blog and already follow you hope I win :) ktcluff@gmail.com

Liz and Navin said...
I follow both Whippy Cake and Pink Chandelier and love love love not only how unique the names of the companies are but the beautiful and fun accessories! The Pink Chandelier has such creative and stylish necklaces that you cannot find in any store.

Alvin & Jessica Pease said...
I NEED one of these necklaces. sooo cute! i love everything about Pink Chandelier!

i am a fan & a follower of Pink Chandeliers blog & facebook.

i am a follower of whippy cakes blog & facebook.

And the winner of the big fatty GRAND PRIZE is.....

Jen Wolff said...
I follow your blog and cannot wait to shop!!!! Great timing to launch your site because today is PAYDAY for me. What amazing prizes!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the fun giveaways.

You winners have until Friday to holla back or your prize goes to a new winner. Email us at wendy@whippycake.com to claim your loot!