Saturday, March 13, 2010

An Education

Did you know that Whippy Cake glamour bands are interchangeable? You're about to be educated... Here's how they work:

Pick your applique and pick your headband {wire or elastic} then put them together and you have yourself a glamour band.

{images provided by Connie B. Photography}

The applique easily velcros to the headband and can be swapped out with a different Whippy Cake applique just as easy.

{images provided by Connie B. Photography}

You can pick as many appliques and headbands as you wish or just buy one headband and swap it out with any applique you so desire. The possibilities are endless!!!

{images provided by Connie B. Photography}

Custom orders are always welcome! I take color and style request all the time and love to implement the ideas my customers come up with. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Consider yourself educated :)

1 comment:

meredith said...

love this idea! your work is beautiful & inspirational!

found your site from the giveaway on BetterAfter blog--such great stuff you've got here! blessings!