Wednesday, September 29, 2010

just decided

i just decided a few things in the last 10 minutes.

  • starting now i will refer to my husband as "boss" or "the boss". not because he bosses me around or anything but because he keeps a handle on everything that goes on around our house and that is very much what a boss does. also that would in kind dub me mrs. boss which is boss.
  • starting now i am discontinuing the use of capital letters in all forms of writing and text. (consider this my pre-apology to all those who will be annoyed by this, including you boss)
  • starting now i will refrain from using chat abbreviations like "lol", "omg" and "brb". i don't really have a reason for abstaining from the use of these cute little shorties, i guess i just want to see if i can actually quit using them.
  • starting now zappos is my favorite place to shop online. their customer service is unbelievable and worth blogging about.
some things i am undecided on as of now...

  • whether or not "haha" is considered a chat abbreviation. i'm leaning towards no.
  • whether or not the boss will be upset about his new title.
  • whether or not i will keep my hair red through the end of the year.
  • whether or not i should post sneak peaks of rennai's bridal shower i am hosting on saturday or if i should wait and do a grand reveal after.
  • whether or not to do a giveaway on friday. i'm leaning towards yes!


Rhendi said...

haha You are too funny! Love reading your blog :)

Tree said...

:) Love your lists.

And giveaway?! Yes, please!

Amy{thosefunnylittlegirls} said...

A giveaway would be boss!

Michaela Noelle said...

This is so funny! I want to see a sneak peak of the bridal shower (: And all your readers would LOVE a giveaway!