Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Look! Something shiny...

I get distracted by things that sparkle, don't you? This is an ubber easy and fast project I did with my nieces this weekend.






-canvas tote
-Tulip Glitter Bond
-freezer paper
-exacto knife/mini scissors
-pen or pencil
-paint brush
-small bowl or container for mixing glitter *optional
-plain paper *optional

Trace your image onto freezer paper and cut it out. Keep the stencil and any small pieces needed to complete the image aside. It helps to mark the pieces you can throw away with crayon or something. Iron the shiny side of the freezer paper to your tote or a shirt or whatever you want to glam up. Brush a thick coat of Tulip Glitter Bond over your stencil. Dust a heavy layer of glitter of the glitter bond. (I mixed black and yellow glitter for a two tone effect.) Shake the loose glitter onto a plain sheet of paper and funnel it back into the glitter container. Let the glittered tote sit for 5 min. or dry it with a blow dryer on low. (I applied a second coat of glitter bond as a top coat to protect the glitter from flaking.) When the glitter is dry enough to touch peel off the freezer paper. (I discolored my tote by pressing the iron on too long so to disguise the discoloration I dusted the edges and creases of the bag with an antiquing stamp pad.) Let cure 24 hours and do not wash until after 72 hours. All done.


The Pratt's said...


Kimberly said...

Ok.. seriously becki.. I love you! Your posts make me smile, and that necklace you gave me (which you probably made!) was amazing! I love watching your kiddos.. they are so great!! I seriously wish you taught lessons on how to be so awesome and giving!!

Anonymous said...

such a fun idea!!! My little princess will love this!

Stephanie said...

Fantastic! I have a bird stencil I've been meaning to do something with. Maybe I'll do something like that with Lana.

Michaela Noelle said...

So fun! What a cute project (: