Friday, October 22, 2010

Brace yourselves...

...for what's next!

For a trial period of time we will be accepting custom orders again. Holla! We get so many emails requesting custom orders it just breaks our hearts to turn them all away. Especially this time of year when everyone is coordinating family photos and Christmas events. So we're bringing back the option to customize.

I'd like to keep the process as plain and simple as possible so here is how it will work.

- $10 custom order fee (up to 4 appliques)
- Submit custom orders to with "custom order" in the subject line
- include color samples and all order details in the email (any pictures and images will help).
- You will be contact to confirm the order and sent an invoice including the custom order fee.
- orders are not started until after payments are complete
- custom orders take 2-3 weeks minimum.

Here are some glamorous samples of custom pieces from last year.





We're hoping this will make lots of people happy :)


Stephanie said...

Wait, wait! Does this include the pettiskirt? Please, oh please, Becki, tell me it does.

kelliemorgan said...

I'm with Stephanie. I want a skirt!!!

jennielou said...

I want a pettiskirt too!!

Carrie said...

Hey. So I tried sending you a custom order email, but it failed. Is it supposed to be or ???

let me know!-Carrie