Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tami says Thanks...

Remember this Beautiful Lady and her sweet Family....

Tami wanted us to post this Thank You note, it's for all of us!

Hello all,

Thanks to all of you for your kind and loving comments!

I just wanted to send out a great big “Thank You!!” to all these fabulous women who helped me to feel like a “queen for the day!” I am overwhelmed by the kindness shown to me by complete strangers, please know that you have made such an impact in my life and I will forever be grateful! I felt like a kid in the candy store visiting Domestic Bliss—what a wonderful boutique with so many unique offerings! I so love my new clothes (my 11yr old daughter’s comment: “Wow mom, you really do have some fashion sense!”) Thank you Kristin for inviting me to your store and for the gift certificate! Kelsey, you are a doll and I LOVE, LOVE my new haircut and color! My toes are still a beautiful sparkling violet, so fun—Thanks to Emily! And how excited I am to have such great pictures by Connie to remember the day by. You all have such amazing talents and I am touched by your willingness to share them with me!

To Becki, words alone cannot express my gratitude for your RAOK. I am so impressed by you! Your many talents are only matched by your kindness and my hope is to someday be able to repay this kindness by following your example and lifting another in their time of need. You will obviously continue to do amazing things in your life and I am a better person for having met you—Thank you, Thank you!

And finally, to Wendy, my long time friend, I am so blessed to have you in my life! You are a force of good to all those around you and I
thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing this all about!

May each of you be blessed in your own lives for the goodness you do!



P.S. Whippy Cake is now our most favorite hair accessory, my girls are in love with them—Thanks again Becki!

So if you would like to keep up with Tami' s Family, { this } is where you go... And if you would like to enjoy a little HOPE, while sharing some with this terrific family you can go {here}. It's a Fund Raiser that is going on right now, through the 30th!
Becki and I will be wearing our hope around our Necks!


Stephanie said...

I was going to post a tutorial today on Luxe Boulevard, but instead, I'm going to post about your fundraiser. I'm off to purchase my own hope and will wear it proudly in your honor!

Stephanie said...

I just purchased my pendant and put up my post. Any current listing or custom order sales made on Luxe Boulevard between now and Oct. 31, I will donate 10% of the proceeds from them to the Robinson family.
God Bless them!

Whippy Cake said...

You are awesome Sister! Thank you so much, it truly brings tears to my eyes when the "RIPPLE" is in effect....

Connie said...

I was happy to help! You are more than welcome Tami! ♥