Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ballerina or Harlequin?

I wanted London and I to be Harlequins for Halloween this year.  I have these awesome vintage paintings of these sweet and adorable harlequin children that inspired the idea so I am pretty disappointed in myself for not making it happen.  I majorly lacked the time to actually make costumes so I altered some clothes she already had and whipped up some extravagant hair pieces with some random stuff in my studio and we went as... um, pretty? My costume was pretty yawn aside from my AWESOME stripe stockings, so I tried to play it up with my makeup and London's costume looked more like a ballerina so whenever I was asked what she or I were dressed up as I would do my best to change the subject. "I eat good!" or  "Ninja!" I don't think the costumes depict a harlequin or a ballerina now that I look at them. LOL

Next year though. Next year I am going to start on costumes in July so it actually happens. You just wait.

(Lo was being extra difficult and refused to hold still for a picture so this is the absolute best picture we captured). Lil' stink! 


Little man Kingston was none other than Spiderman. This picture of him totally makes me smile. We asked him to climb the wall and as you can see he absolutely can.  Climb Spidy, CLIMB!!!

The huge disappointment was that the Boss didn't dress up this year which means he had no character to take on for the whole day. Which means no acting. Which means no laughing. Which means disappointed!


Miss Jaster said...

I think you look AWESOME! :)

Kelsee said...

Ok. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO A HAIR TUTORIAL WITH THIS STYLE!!!! How do you do this?! We have about the same length of hair and I cannot do squat! Please!!!!

Connie said...

Whatever- you look AWESOME!

Amy Watts said...

Right as I was clicking to leave a comment I was thinking the same thing so I quote "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASED DO A HAIR TUTORIAL WITH THIS STYLE!" And then come live with me and do my hair and make up everyday :)

Lolly Jane said...

you are hilarious. lookin fab as always! my kiddo was spidey was eery tryin to find him out of the other 100 spidermans at his school!

the tichenor family said...

You are so cute!! I'm so excited to have found your blog and LITERALLY cannot wait until you re-release those skirts. I am dying to have one of my own!