Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bite Size Whippy Cake

New MINI appliques will be available at the upcoming events including Believe Boutique and The Queen Bee Market.



New holiday prints and color schemes will also be available at the upcoming boutiques! 


as well as fall and winter limited edition appliques.


All of these are limited edition items, key word limited, which means first come first serve ladies. *hint *hint!

I'm getting really excited and hope to meet some of you soon!



Amy Watts said...

That's super great that they will be available at the boutique, but what about the rest of us who live far away? I want mini cuties and holiday ones too! :)

Steve, Kelly, Brian and Emily said...

Oh, love these. I must have one of the holiday one, will you be offering them soon on your website or are they just for the boutique?

The Pratt's said...

I really love the fall one. Can we get these on the website? How much are they?

hendywow said...
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hendywow said...

O yeah, and Becki says as soon as the boutique events are over with, she WILL offer them online for all of her peeps that live out of State:) !!!

Burgess said...

I have a question -- will there be ties at the Queen Bee Market? Just wondering...