Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Get Tied Up

Guess what folks! I mean gals, er... ladies? My PEEPS! Alright, whatev! I will cut to the good part.

I now have ties available for purchase (while supplies last) at my house during Wednesday's business hours! Just in time for your family photos and such. We brought back all of our popular prints from last year and I hope you get excited about them.



They are first come first serve. I can't wait to see you on Wednesday! Be sure to set up an appointment through admin@whippycake.com.



Ashley said...

Can I get one shipped to me?

Ashley @ smartash1218@yahoo.com

Carrie said...

I want THREE mailed to me too! Maybe with my custom order? Which by the way I have a question about... When you said at least two weeks for custom orders, did that mean that's how long it would take for you to even respond to my request? I haven't heard anything back yet, and was just curious.
-Carrie at carriefamulak@gmail.com

Annell said...

Love them! Where is the picture taken with all the leaves? Beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Yeah, I would like one mailed, too. I don't live in AZ. I would really like that black and white (maybe it's light gray) checkered one at the back, to the left of the picture.