Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm tired, how 'bout a giveaway?

Whippy Cake's Monday Morning Fact Sheet:

It's Monday. Duh!
I've hardly recovered from the trip to California. *Small tear.
I'm slammed with orders (which I will start shipping immediately today).
I just found out I missed endless shrimp at Red Lobster (note to self: sign up for Red Lobster notifications).
My house is destroyed! Mainly my studio and my closet, no time to clean it. Oh Darn!
I want to take my kids out for a play date with mommy because I missed them. Bounce U maybe?
I started one of the best books ever (I am Number Four) and am now realizing I may never finish it. Thank you Amazon for suggesting such a LONG book. 
My email is overflowing more than it ever has. Yikes! (please be patient w/ me)
I am feeding Lo Lo pink coconut Snow Balls. Second breakfast, yum.
Changed my Pandora play-list to Christmas music this morning. (no going back now)  It's so loud I'm sure I can't hear anything else.
I am freaking tired!

...more tired after making this list, I should slow down. Too tired to drag pictures from my camera and post them. How bout a GIVEAWAY instead? This one is courtesy of the Boss. It was his idea and he demands it start today. It's a piece of cake...

Change your Facebook profile picture to a picture of you wearing your favorite Whippy Cake. (Ok, it can be a picture of anyone as long as they are cake faced) but you do need to leave a comment on the Facebook Giveaway thread {HERE}. Later this week we will pick a the winner who will get a $50 promo code for our online store.

For an extra entry you can change your blog profile image to one with Whippy Cake too and leave a comment on this post as well. Show us your best cake face and tell us what you like about your Whippy Cake!!!

New announcements coming tomorrow...


Kacey said...

I'm starting Christmas on Pandora now, too! Now that it's cooler in AZ, it just seems right. :)

P.S. Found you via Life in the Fun Lane. So funny, because Saturday night, my husband I were driving behind a truck with "Whippy Cake" on the back window! :)

iKari Designs said...

I rarely leave my house without taking some "Cake" along ;)

Heather said...

I did a post on FB for my picture, but my Blogger profile picture is of me wearing Whippy Cake too! Didn't have to change it because it already was;-) Count me in for 2 entries!!

Mishawn said...
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Mishawn said...

I love me some WHIPPY CAKE!!!!

Megan said...

I absolutely LOVE my whippy cakes! Especially on days where I don't want to do my hair. It just adds a pop of freshness and cuteness.

andrea.rose said...

I love the effortlessness of throwing on a headband and looking cute and put together - commented on the fb and now here <3

Jeri Jack said...

I <3 WHIPPY CAKE!! I already love it on FB!!