Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We would like to make some Announcements.....

A few important items of Business....
  1. Regarding Custom orders; We are no longer able to take custom orders, for a time... Believe me, we would love to make ALL of your wishes come true! The truth is, we have been happily overwhelmed with the volume of your orders, and we just can't accommodate any more. So sorry Cake Lovers... We are, however currently busting our booties to get your orders to you..
  2. Ordering in time for Christmas; If you would like to receive your goodies in time for the Holiday you NEED to order by December 1st.

3. You can still SHOP at Becki's on Wednesday's from 11am to 2pm. Limited Edition pieces can be purchased in house. ;) Email me for an appointment and directions.. wendy@whippycake.com

4. How bout some..Video Tutorials? Are you a FAN? Well if you are, we have a beautiful surprise coming just for you!!!

Last, but certainly not the least.. We LOVE you, and we are doing our best to make all of you happy! Although that seems near impossible sometimes with our tiny, but mighty Whippy Cake Team. We thank you for kindness and patience. You really have been so awesome!

We are trying to keep some perspective, and remember that Glamourbands certainly are NOT life and death, but we would be so happy to help you feel beautiful somewhere in between the two. :)


Team Whippy Cake

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Anonymous said...

congrats that your business is booming SO much that you're needing to hold off on custom orders! That's great!!!! :)