Friday, December 10, 2010

Can you blame me?

I know a lot of people are disappointed we closed up shop so early. I'm super sorry for any of you who  didn't get to purchase from our fall collection. The holidays are always a treacherous time for business owners especially right around Christmas because of the mass amount of Christmas orders. I might be the only one working till all obscene hours of the night and missing out on Ugly Sweater holiday parties. I do my best to stay ahead of the game am usually drowning in work. Sometimes I wish I could curl up with some hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies with my family or go drive around town and look at Christmas lights instead of what I am usually doing.

I knew if I didn't close soon enough I wouldn't give myself enough time to actually take a vacation and spend some free time with my amazing and supportive family. Can you blame me? They are pretty adorable after all. I want to apologize in advance for using sweet and precious pictures of my kids to butter you up. Hopefully it's working and you will forget all about the fact that we are closed ;) Did I mention how awesome our next collection is going to be?





Special thanks to Jessica at Sierra Studios Photography for squeezing us in for family pictures this year.


amcgrew said...

Becki-No need to apologize! Family comes first...especially at this time of year!
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your family photos here! The last one of you and your hubby is AWESOME!!!! I love your hat and you style! You ROCK, girlfriend!!!!

ENJOY the holidays! I give you permission to make some hot cocoa, sit by the tree and watch a holiday classic with your darling family!

Happy Holidays!
Amy McGrew

Burgess said...

Good for you! Everyone needs a break. It's not your fault that people don't plan ahead :)

Stephanie said...

If it weren't for your fam, you wouldn't have Whippy Cake. And no one, I mean NO ONE--Not even the fab Whippy Squad--should miss out on spending time with their families on Christmas.
See you next year!

Stephanie said...

BTW: Your hubby scrunches up his face when you kiss him in public, too?! LOL!

Katie said...

You have a beautiful family! I'd do the same thing :)