Thursday, December 2, 2010

slip it under my tree if you can

Here is my illusive Christmas list. However unpractical and unrealistic it may be I believe in dreaming BIG baby!!!!

1. Mexican Wedding Cookies. I could eat them by the truck load. 

2. My master bedroom painted. It's become the dump zone in our house and I want it to be the escape zone.

3. Budgies! The cutest little mimicking birds ever.

4. This hair cut. I dream of not having to style my own hair.

5. Just Dance 2 for the Wii. I got a taste of Just Dance at my sisters house and I LOVE it! I predict a dance party at my house?

6. One of these in my tummy. Recently bit by the baby bug. Gotta get me one... like yesterday.

A CDMA Verizon capable white 4G iphone. Needs no explaining. It's just time for it to happen STEVE!!!

8. This utterly breath taking art print by Leigh Viner.

A cruise. I could really use a vacation. Jamaica maybe? 

10. This outrageously genius and awesome chandelier. Get in my house!!!

Merry Christmas to me (in an alternate universe)!


ManaRose said...

I LOVE your list...I am so with you on that get in my belly baby bit! I wanna baby bump too : )

Carli said...

Totally realistic! And I know for a fact you have been a good girl this's in the bag(a big red one to be precise)!

Ryan and Chelsea said...

Hey, I love that haircut! What website did you get that from? I am wondering if there is a view from the front in a different picture. (can you email me? Thanks!)

Tiffanee said...

Where did you find that bedroom picture? I am in love with it but its so small and hard to see the detail on the walls. Do you have a bigger picture of it?