Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FREE with purchase

I thought I would do something different by offering a FREE pair of milk glass earrings with any purchase made this week, Monday through Saturday. So if you are planning on getting something anyway this is a sweet incentive to buy it this week or a sweet surprise if you have already made a purchase. {Colors are taupe, sea foam and navy}


Also, Alice in Wonderland comes out in TWO days and I am so excited! I'm selling these glitzy Alice Bows {on a clip} for only $8 to celebrate. They are iridescent and the blue changes between an ice blue and a summer blue. They just look so fun and fantastic on anyone. I am so excited about seeing this film and I am absolutely going to dress up.

Leave me a comment if you think I should do a Dress Up Contest Giveaway for the premier.


Alice Bow - $8


Also, I have been re-listing items in my Etsy Shop and then I will add NEW items when I am done with that. You might notice that all glamour bands are now the same price at $18, appliques are $14 and chokers are $20 as of March 1st. This is to eliminate confusion when ordering as well as cover cost of supply and demand.

Vintage Confection pieces will continue to be priced individually.


Connie said...

done and done! You've talked me into scurrying my butt over there like I've already been planning on(;

Anonymous said...

I just changed your name to make it more endearing. Just had to give you some mad props. You really are rocking this whippy cake thing like no other. I hope you know you're awesome.