Monday, May 3, 2010

Matilda Jane in AZ!

I am officially hosting a Matilda Jane party here locally on May 14th! I am so excited I couldn't wait to post about it! You will want to make the most of this shopping opportunity so save your pennies and keep your calendars open that night because Matilda Jane apparel is far beyond just cute. You will see from the website that everything is a MUST HAVE! Not only do they make clothing for the wee ones but they have clothing for adults too! squeak!

Here are a few of my favorites....

{photos taken from the Matilda Jane website}

Kelsey and I working hard to make the party special. We are secretly concocting some really great party favors and door busters too. I will post more details and official invites soon! I'm so happy!


undomestic chica said...

I'd wear the dress in the last pic, it's adorable!

Me and Mr. P... said...

BLAST you becki!!! You know I have no self control when it comes to cute stuff!!! I am working that day but I guess I need to trade with someone now!