Friday, May 14, 2010

This and that

This post is about a little bit of this and that but nothing in particular.

First off, I am getting anxiously excited about tonight because I have been gawking over these clothes in my living room and I just want everyone else to see to come see them already! Also, there is a last minute addition that I know you are going to flip for. Shayce from Chateau Couture is bringing some pieces of her collection and she is also offering a 10% discount to all the guest who attend the tea party tonight! I am so excited to have her pretty things in my home and to see all the new creations she has been working on. Shayce is mucho talented and has phenomenal experience in the design world. I am so happy she agreed to come!

Next! I got an email from one of you readers that just made my day! Alena sent me a link to a post on her blog where she does a tribute to Whippy Cake. I love reading such positive things from you guys and I love sharing them even more. I think it's the best part about my job.

In other news, things have gotten a little crazy at my chaotic whippy Lair (get it? like cake layer...nm) Anyways, over the last 3 weeks I have had a full blown rush of orders I just wasn't prepared for so orders are taking a bit longer to process than usual. I've solicited some help from some of my favorite people and my goal is to be completely caught up by next weekend. Take that you big stack of orders! The good news is that the pandemonium has forced me to come up with some new and improved processed to get things done better and more efficiently. Some time in the future {soon, I hope!} I will get some daily good quality family time in and just maybe some much needed sleep. Thanks to all my helpers and especially to all my customers for being patient with me!

On the bright side I am jolly good happy to announce I will be hosting another Pink Chandelier giveaway. Oh Ohhhhhh! I know you love me, but I can't take credit. She sent me some new samples and charms that I know you are going to love so get your game face on because the giveaway is coming at you live next week! Boooya!

The End.
{for now anyways}

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Stephanie said...

I will try my hardest to be patient and wait for my choker to be sent, although I can't make any guarantees. LOL. J/K! Overwhelming amounts of orders is good, right? Orders means business!
And you can bet your buttox I will be checking back everyday, possibly more than once, until that giveaway is posted.