Friday, May 7, 2010

Skye Johansen

Skye Johansen just did a little feature on Whippy Cake. I was so excited when I saw the unexpected shout out on her site. Her photographs are absolutely stunning and I love everything she captures! I just can't wait to see even more from her. You will see why when you find yourself addicted to scrolling through every shoot she has ever posted. Love, love, LOVE!


Thank you again Skye for the lovely photographs!


Kyle and Kelsey Curtis said...

I love this picture, ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!

Skye said...

You didn't have to beg me.....even after the buttload of stuff you have sent me, I find myself going through your etsy site thinking...that would be cute, need that, oh my gosh, love this one etc....your little creations are just to die for!!!

Anonymous said...

OK!!! You're right!! I looked and her stuff and its AMAZINGLY Goregeous!!!:)

Jenifer said...